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Zombie Uprising logo
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Zombie Uprising is a Diversion mini-game in Saints Row 2.


It can be started by using the Television in any Crib, and at arcade machines in several bars and clubs around Stilwater. However, it is not possible to play the game at those locations before unlocking the Red Light Loft.

The objective is to kill 345 zombies. There are 6 Waves, in each round the number of zombies to kill is indicated by a number on the HUD.


Zombie Uprising Gameplay
Zombie Uprising, In game.
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There are several different types of zombies.

  • Regular Zombies - they bite, hit and can run or walk. Main type of zombie, present at all levels.
  • Large Zombies - Massive Headless Zombies who appear in Wave 2. Tougher than regular Zombies, they cannot be killed with a headshot, but also cannot bite. Their head is not fully severed, and is hanging down their back, but shooting it has no effect.
  • Flaming Zombies - Running Zombies who are permanently on fire who appear in Wave 3. They will not die from the flames, and can set other Zombies alight, but Zombies who catch fire will die by the flames.
  • Exploding Zombies - Small, coal black zombies who appear in Wave 4. These fast Zombies explode when they get too close to survivors or the player. If exploding zombies are set alight, they will explode.


The Zombie Mask is unlocked in the Wardrobe after completing the game, as well as some respect.

On Romero's Hero achievement is also awarded.


Zombie Uprising arcade machines

Locations without machines


  • There is limited ammunition available, and melee weapons will break after several uses.
  • The chainsaw can only be used on Normal Zombies.
  • There is a mini-gun at the top of the stairs on the balcony on the right.
  • Rescuing survivors does not change the out come of the game, as they only help kill zombies with melee weapons, however they are relatively weak.
  • When the player character is set on fire, it is possible to set zombies on fire.
  • The stairs can be used as a bottleneck.
  • The fountain is filled with damaging toxic waste. The center of the fountain has a safe area.
  • Zombies will grab, and bite, causing a large amount of damage, and is only escapable via Quick Time Event.
  • Collect all the weapons immediately.
  • Jump on a grass patch with a wall in front of it, and wait for the Zombies to bunch together.
  • The area that is on the left of the stairs allows for near invulnerability. There is a set of 4 or 5 ledges. Zombies can not climb, but may still attack by swinging.
  • To the right of the stairs at the opposite side of the spawn zone are steps that the player can stand upon and be safe from harm. When standing on the third step and close enough to the railing, the zombies will swarm on the stairs in a pack. They are close together that a flaming zombie will burn all the other zombies. With some patience, this is an easy way to kill off most of the horde.
  • Activating cheats before entering the game will cause them to be active while playing Zombie Uprising.
Saints row 2 glitch out of zombie uprising on your own(02:41)
How To Get Out Of The Zombie Uprising map
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  • There is a glitch to get out of the Zombie Uprising map, either in Single Player, or in Co-op. First, enable the Never Die, Infinite Ammo, and the Low Gravity cheats. Start Zombie Uprising. Kill Zombies untill you pick up some hand grenades. 2nd: When you start, there is a red arrow billboard near the right of where you start, which you stand in front of. 3rd: face the side of the arror, and throw 2 grenades by you feet, and jump up. The grenades will explode, and you will be lauched onto a ledge. Stand in the corner near the left, and throw 2 more grenades by your feet., and jump. They will explode, and you will be launched into the roof. You can either mess around, or you can walk around untill you fall below the map. Don't open your parachute. When you respawn, you will be in Stilwater, with no cars, and no people. You also can't access any Crib functions. With Co-op, you will both have to do the process. Check the video below for more details.

Trivia Edit

  • The setting for the game is Old Stilwater, an area which can be explored outside of the Zombie Uprising game.
  • Regardless of The Protagonist's gender in the main game, the character in Zombie Uprising is always a male biker.
  • Taunts and Compliments can still be used, which will use the selected voice option.
  • The achievement is named after George A. Romero, famous for his zombie movies.
  • In the Saints Row: The Third, there are Zombie Uprising 2 arcade machines, but they cannot be used. They can sometimes be found next to a Saints Row 3 arcade machines.
  • in Saints Row: The Third, the zombie models are used as mannequins in Let's Pretend.
  • It seems that exploding zombies spawn more frequently after a survivor dies, though this is not always the case and not confirmed.
  • With both locations without machines, it is likely that there was originally supposed to be an arcade machine present, but when the model was removed, the invisible trigger was left behind. Both locations contain pretzel machines, and these are the only known locations of pretzel machines


  • Unlockable Zombie Mask
  • Zombie Uprising video game
  • Zombie Uprising arcade game
  • Zombie Uprising prompt next to Pretzel machine inside the Courthouse
  • Zombie Uprising 2 in Saints Row: The Third
  • Zombie Uprising 2 logo
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