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Zombie Carlos (Carlos Mendoza)
Zombie Carlos (1)
Zombie Carlos in Saints Row 2
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Zombie Carlos is a character in Saints Row 2.


After the death of Carlos,[1] calling "Eye for an Eye Voodoo Supplies" unlocks Zombie Carlos, and adds him to the available Homies in Cellphone.

When called as a homie, Carlos arrives in a Reaper, but unlike Zombie Lin his car is not modified.

Zombie Carlos acts much like any other homie, and picks up any weapon laying on the ground. He does not have any special abilities as a zombie, whereas Zombie Lin is able to detach her arm and use it as a melee weapon, and eat dead people as an idle animation.

Zombie Carlos does not makes comments about eating brains. This unlockable homie is rather dark humor as he moans and groans, making the outside joke a little less comical.


  • Zombie Carlos' appearance reflects the injuries he sustained immediately before his death.[1]
  • It is possible to see his brain pulsate if aiming with the McManus 2010, but this may be a glitch caused by normal facial movement.
  • His moans sound vaguely female at times, which may be due to the re-use of Zombie Lin's sounds.
  • He is one of three possible Zombie companions which are available in the Saints Row series.
  • He seems to have retained most of his human abilities as he is able to drive vehicles, use firearms and compliment/taunt, whereas Zombie Lin and Zombie Gat can only drive a car and fight with bare hands.
  • He seems to be missing his shoes for some reason, which is rather odd since he seems to be wearing them in "Red Asphalt".
  • At times it sounds like Zombie Carlos is crying assumingly because even though he is undead he can still feel his skin being torn off from when he was alive before The Protagonist put him down.
  • If the player looks closely with the McManus 2010, they can see some of Carlos's hair is missing.
  • If Zombie Carlos is killed, it says "Zombie has been killed!", but it shows his name as Zombie Carlos on the homie screen.
  • Zombie Carlos has a hole in his head from the headshot by The Protagonist.[1]
  • Unlike the majority of his body, Zombie Carlos' feet are not bloody.


  • Zombie Carlos when called as a homie.
  • Zombie Carlos in the homies menu.
  • Comparation of Zombie Carlos and Carlos.


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