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ZinTek Force Shield

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ZinTek Force Shield
SRIV weapon icon holoshield




Appears in

Saints Row IV

ZinTek Force Shield is a Temporary Weapon in Saints Row IV.


The ZinTek Force Shield acts the same as the Riot Shield in Saints Row: The Third. The Zin are the only ones to use the ZinTek Force Shield, and drop it upon death. The shield will block super-takedowns from occuring. The Inflato-Ray will bypass the shield, and it can be disintegrated with the Disintegrator. Additionally, using telekinesis on a Zin with the shield will take the shield, not the Zin.


  • The shield is in the shape of the Zin's logo.
  • ZinTek may be a reference to the similarly sounding "SinTEK", from the Sin Series.


  • A Zin Soldier holding a ZinTek Force Shield
  • The Force Shield will be destroyed if shot by the Disintegrator


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