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The Zin are an alien race in Saints Row IV and Enter the Dominatrix.


The Zin are an intergalactic empireBroken {{ref}} (no caption) led by Emperor Zinyak.Broken {{ref}} (no caption)

Their homeworld is a distant planet known only as Zin, located in an unknown part of the universe.Broken {{ref}} (no caption) One key aspect of their culture is that all Zin youths are expected (at some point in their lives) to serve in the Zin military.Broken {{ref}} (no caption)

They are driven by conquest, traveling from planet to planet to abduct the best and brightest from the various sentient cultures they encounter. The Zin then place their captives into simulations of their deepest fears to mentally break them down and eventually subjugate them to serve the Zin Empire. They have an incredibly powerful fighting force, capable of conquering the entirety of Earth in a very short amount of time.Broken {{ref}} (no caption) Broken {{ref}} (no caption) Broken {{ref}} (no caption)

In the end after The Protagonist, the President of the United States and the leader of the 3rd Street Saints defeats Zinyak, they take control as the new emperor, creating a Saints Empire.[3][1]


The Zin are a highly technologically advanced species.[4] Two of their most profound (and known) capabilities include the ability to destroy an entire planet, and time travel.Broken {{ref}} (no caption) [5] The Zin have also mastered the use of Super Powers, as Super-Powered Zin are encountered in the real world and Zinyak appears to be capable of using telekinesis.


The Zin have a number of units within their ranks which would classify as specialists.

In addition to the above units, the Zin Empire includes Super Powered Zin who spawn through portals within their ranks. These Zin carry either Dominators or Thumpguns and rarely Tyrants as main weapons, and also carry Suppression Grenades (like normal Zin soldiers) after "All Hands on Deck" which disable the player's Super Powers for a small amount of time. They also possess the Super Sprint and Super Jump powers, allowing them to chase the player across rooftops, gain a vantage point during combat, and generally maneuver in the same way the player would. C.I.D.s usually attach themselves to Super Powered Zin or normal Zin, granting them a shield that lasts until the C.I.D. is destroyed or a Super Power is used against the Zin. They possess the ability to quickly recover from being knocked down by performing an aerial flip, much like the player's "Ninja Reflexes" upgrade.

They are distinguished from regular Zin by their thinner appearance, darker skin, shoulder armor, and several red markings on their bodies.


Land VehiclesEdit

The Zin's main transport is the Assert, a hover car featuring a grey and red paint job which comes in both armed and unarmed variants. After completing "Welcome Back", at Notoriety level 5 the Zin send in their heavy hover tank known as the Destructor.


The Zin's main aircraft is the Void, a UFO armed with a laser cannon and missile launchers. They also have a type of jetbike called the Xor, which almost always appears in pairs. Both of these vehicles operate in a manner similar to the F-69 VTOL and Specter from Saints Row: The Third.

Though never present outside of missions, the Zin also possess a large, armored transport which lacks an official designation. It is simply referred to as The Ship.


As they are a "space-faring" alien race, the Zin also have an unknown number of motherships and battle cruisers which make up the bulk of their invasion fleet.Broken {{ref}} (no caption) Broken {{ref}} (no caption)

They also possess Power Armor technology, but are never seen using it in-game.


  • Simulation 31 is another reference to the 31 Theory.
  • Apart from Zinyak, Zinjai is the only other "named" member of the Zin Empire who makes a physical appearance in Saints Row IV. He is also their only "known" lieutenant, in spite of being regarded as more of a servant.Broken {{ref}} (no caption) [4]
  • The Zin bear a resemblance in appearance to the Rakghouls and Nekghouls of the Star Wars franchise.
  • There are outfits of Zin grunts (including a pink variant for females), Wardens, and Zinyak himself included in the Zinyak Attack Pack DLC.
    • Although there are no female Zin NPCs in Saints Row IV, there are female Zin that exist, as 2 Zin soldiers standing on top of a staircase speak about their partners when The Protagonist escapes their pod and gets a rifle.[6]
  • All Zin locations and the Zin themselves have the prefix "Zin" in their names.


  • The Zin
  • The Zin Decree and Saints Row IV website promo with description
  • Zin Soldiers and Saints Row IV website promo with description
  • Early concept art of the Zin from Saints Row IV
  • Early concept art of the Zin from Saints Row IV
  • Early concept art of the Zin from Saints Row IV
  • Finalized concept art of the Zin from Saints Row IV
  • The Zin invasion fleet
  • Typical Zin soldiers
  • A Zin soldier with shield
  • A Zin C.I.D
  • A Marauder
  • A Murderbot
  • A Warden
  • Birth of the Saints Empire
  • Saints Empire shirt


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