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Zimos' Pad
Also known as

Zimos' Place[1]












Saints Row: The Third

Zimos' Pad is a crib in Saints Row: The Third.


Located in Espina, Zimos' Pad is a Crib owned by Zimos. It is located in the apartment building that is also Zimos' Carwash. It can be identified by the purple paint and signature backwards dollar sign. It is an apartment that is full of modern art, some by Viola and Kiki DeWynter. Also in the Crib are some of Zimos' hos, with one sometimes laying on the couch with her legs spread.

Trivia Edit

  • The default Radio Station playing inside Zimos' Pad is Adult Swim WDDTCPDG.
  • Of the three Cribs unlocked after completing the mission "Return to Steelport", this Crib is the neatest.
  • It's also a way to get cash, as the hos can be killed without any repercussions.
  • In the Gangstas in Space mission, "Hangar 18 1/2", while The Protagonist travels to another set, they travel through a set of Zimos' Pad.
  • In the "Gat Is Back" trailer, the shark from Zimos' Pad is seen near the end and appears to be in a spaceship.
    • It appears in regular gameplay in Pierce's hangout in the Ship.
  • In Virtual Steelport, Zimos' Pad has been destroyed and has chunks of rubble floating over it.


  • the Carwash sign at Zimos' Pad
  • The Living room in Zimos' pad
  • Zimos' Pad
  • Zimos' Pad
  • Zimos' Pad
  • Zimos' Pad
  • Zimos' Pad
  • Loading screen showing Zimos' Pad
  • Zimos Pad destroyed in Saints Row IV

References Edit

  1. Mission: Painting a Picture
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