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Saints Row IV

The ZPD are a type of law enforcement in Saints Row IV.

Trust and Obey
— Slogan


The ZPD uniform is comprised of dark grey pants, shirt, white cap and black boots. Early in the game ZPD officers wearing the brown fifties style uniform from "A Pleasant Day" patrol the streets of Virtual Steelport.[2] All ZPD officers in grey uniform are men with dark skin while those in brown uniforms have light skin. There are no female officers.

Similar to the Steelport Police, The Protagonist cannot be Busted by the ZPD. But unlike the Steelport Police, ZPD officers use Heavy SMG and Burst Rifle as their extra weapons. The ZPD do not have any police stations in The Simulation.

The ZPD make their first appearance during "The Fundamentals". 6 officers are deployed to kill The Protagonist. After the mission is completed, ZPD officers always appear at level 2 Notoriety. After "Power Up CID" is completed, ZPD are no longer dispatched, but still patrol the streets and car accidents scenes.


Unlike Steelport Police, ZPD use four types of weapons: pistols (Quickshot Pistol), SMGs (Heavy SMG), shotguns (Pump-Action Shotgun) and rifles (Burst Rifle).

Police officers are also capable of performing drive-bys. However they rarely shoot at someone while driving a Peacemaker and usually only aim at the enemies, during Virus Injection diversion however they are capable to shoot while driving this vehicle. Police Officers driving Kenshin are capable to shoot regardless however.


The primary vehicle is the Peacemaker sports car and the Kenshin sports bike. They also utilize Oppressors, Challengers and Bears and use them during Mayhem Activities.


  • If Tank Mayhem (Hard instance) is completed, security guards start appearing on the streets. They act the same as the ZPD officers and drive ZPD vehicles.[3]
  • The passenger in the Police Oppressor during Mayhem activities are actually Steelport Police from Saints Row: The Third, armed with the Sniper Rifle.


  • ZPD officers in action
  • ZPD Peacemaker
  • ZPD Kenshin
  • ZPD copy morphing into a Zin soldier


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