Will in ...But It Sure Is Fun cutscene
Will, as he appears in Saints Row.
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Will is a character in Saints Row.

Look, brotha, I gotta be honest... I'm tryin' to get a business started here, but right now the only ho I got is so fugly, blind muthafuckas turn her down.
Will describes Peggy
— Will, referring to Peggy.


Will is essentially a pimp. He always wears a purple suit with a brown shirt underneath, indicating he represents the 3rd Street Saints. He has a gold chain around his neck. In the "...But It Sure Is Fun" cutscene for Snatch he holds a golden goblet and smokes a cigar. He also has a small gap between his upper front teeth.


Saints RowEdit

Will as Homie

Will as a homie

Will set up a brothel in Saint's Row and supported the 3rd Street Saints; wearing a purple suit and driving a Hammerhead with a purple body. His brothel started off small and had only one employee, an obese prostitute named Peggy.[2] With the help of The Protagonist, Will cleaned up the competition and snatched prostitutes from rival pimps under the protection of other gangs, becoming successful.[3]


  • He is Unlocked as a homie after successfully completing the second level of Snatch at Harrowgate in the Saint's Row District.
    • As a homie, Will comes equipped with a VICE 9 pistol.
    • When called he arrives in a purple modified Hammerhead.
  • In Saints Row 2, an overweight female civilian may ask if The Protagonist knows her friend Peggy.
  • Will says "Me and Julius go way back".[when?]
  • Will is one of the two pimps in the Saints. The other one is Zimos in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Vikki is Will's cousin, he mentions her in a random comments as a Homie.


  • Will's homie head
  • Will in Saints Row
  • Will in Saints Row
  • Peggy, Will's only employee, in Saints Row
  • Will as a homie
  • Will, alongside The Protagonist, as a homie
  • Will's unique Hammerhead
  • Will's unique Hammerhead
  • Will's unique Hammerhead
  • Will as a Homie, walking
  • Will as a Homie, from the rear
  • Will in Character Customization Vignette trailer
  • Peggy in Character Customization Vignette trailer


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