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Wesley Cutter Intl is a Neighborhood in the New Colvin District of Steelport.

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Wesley Cutter International Airport is the main airport serving the Steelport region. There are 3 flyable planes at the airport: Snipes 57s, Woodpeckers and AB Destroyers. The airport is also home to two flyable helicopters, the Thompson and the Stork, both located on heli-platforms on the west side of the airport. The larger planes are not able to be piloted.

Behind the airport terminal just off the tarmac amidst 3 or 4 non usable planes, there is a Morningstar Gang Operation which can easily be wiped out with a Reaper Drone.

One of the airport hangars is available for purchase as a Crib for $15,000. This hangar comes with a standard AB Destroyer, Snipes 57 and a Woodpecker on purchase. The Wesley Cutter International Terminal itself is the most expensive purchasable property, costing $50,000 and increasing City Income by $5,000.


  • In Saints Row: The Third, a special variant of the Kenshin is located in one of the open containers located on the Northwest side of the airport. It is pure black, with white Japanese calligraphy decals on both sides which disappear when stored in the Garage or customized at Rim Jobs.[1]
    • In Saints Row IV, the Kenshin still spawns there but doesn't have unique decals.
  • As with the Snipes 57 aircraft, the airport's name is most likely another reference to the film Passenger 57 - in the film, actor Wesley Snipes plays the character John Cutter.
  • A crashed passenger jet is in the ocean just north to the airport, behind a small island marked on the map. This jet is much smaller than a Gawalek A36, and looks nothing like the plane wreckage on Arapice Island after the mission Air Steelport.
  • The unusable larger planes at the airport resemble DC-10s.


  • Wesley Cutter Intl - New Colvin
  • Wesley Cutter Intl map in Saints Row IV


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