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Weapons in Saints Row: Total Control

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Saints Row: Total Control has a wide collection of Weapons.


Unlike previous games, the weapons are not separated by type. For convenience, this page uses the standard categories.
Some "premium" weapons must be bought with Gold, which is paid for with real-world money. They are not generally available in the game, but may be awarded for the completion of tasks.
Some weapons can be given a gifts to other people on Facebook.


Image Name Class Notes
SRTC Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Melee
Chainsaw in Saints Row Total Control Chainsaw Melee Premium
Gold Chainsaw in Saints Row Total Control Gold Chainsaw Melee Premium
SRTC Foam Hand Foam Hand Melee Similar to the Pimp Slap, but with all fingers outstretched
SRTC Katana Katana Melee Premium
SRTC Knife Knife in Saints Row Total Control Knife Melee Gift
SRTC Machete Machete Melee Gift
SRTC Police Baton Police Baton Melee
SRTC Rubber Chicken Rubber Chicken Melee A novelty Rubber Chicken
SRTC Shock Paddles Shock Paddles Melee Gift
SRTC Stun Gun Stun Gun Melee Gift
GDHC .50 in Saints Row Total Control GDHC .50 Pistol
SRTC .44 Shepherd .44 Shepherd Pistol
SRTC Gold .44 Shepherd Gold .44 Shepherd Pistol
VICE 9 in Saints Row Total Control VICE 9 Pistol
GAL 43 in Saints Row Total Control GAL 43 SMG
Gold GAL 43 in Saints Row Total Control Gold GAL 43 SMG Premium
SRTC 12 Gauge 12 Gauge Shotgun
SRTC Gold 12 Gauge Gold 12 Gauge Shotgun Premium
Pimp Cane in Saints Row Total Control Pimp Cane Shotgun Premium
SRTC AR-40 Xtnd AR-40 Xtnd Rifle Gift
SRTC AR200 SAW AR200 SAW Rifle Premium
SRTC K6 Krukov K6 Krukov Rifle Premium
SRTC Gold K6 Krukov Gold K6 Krukov Rifle Premium
SRTC Annihilator Annihilator Special Premium
SRTC special Fire Bomb Fire Bomb Special Used to destroy cars
Flamethrower in Saints Row Total Control Flamethrower Special Premium
SRTC special Jack Tool Jack Tool Special Used to destroy cars
McManus 2010 in Saints Row Total Control McManus 2010 Special Premium
SRTC Mini-Gun Mini-Gun Special Premium
SRTC RPG Launcher RPG Special Premium
SRTC Slingshot Slingshot (Weapon) Special
SRTC Flashbang Flashbang Thrown
SRTC Exploding Burrito Exploding Burrito Thrown Gift
SRTC Hand Grenade Hand Grenade Thrown Gift
SRTC Gold Hand Grenade Gold Hand Grenade Thrown Premium
SRTC Molotov Cocktail Molotov Cocktail Thrown Gift
SRTC Tear Gas Grenade Tear Gas Grenade Thrown Gift - Black canister with gold markings


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