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  • Zadidoll

    Because I don't know where to put these items at in the SRIV articles at this time I'm just going to add the images to my blog here for reference.

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  • Zadidoll

    Six of the seven radios stations are returning from previous Saints Row games, the only new one is Mad Decent 106.9.

    (admin edit: non-working video has been replaced with still image)

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  • Zadidoll

    Saints Row 4 at E3?

    March 20, 2013 by Zadidoll

    Rumors are abound that Deep Silver will be previewing Saints Row 4 at E3 this summer. Most likely this is true since SR4 is scheduled to be released in late summer after E3.

    I'm actually looking forward to attending E3 this year and hope to not only see SR4 there but also get to play a demo of it. Anyone else going to E3?

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