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So today I uploaded a video walkthrough of "I'm Free - Free Falling" Mission. After 10 hours of uploading, I got a copyright claim (Similar to previous mission because there was some stupid song in the intro that I never knew about) when I looked at it, it said that THQ made the copyright claim. This is wierd because THQ is bankrupt so they shouldnt make copyright claim on videos? I am not good at copyright and stuff so if anyone has answer can he somehow help?

You... I mean WeTube flagged all my videos of "third-party" while there is hundreds of others who have the same video and somehow dont get anything like this.


WildBrick142 youtube screenshot

PS: Sorry for bad English

{{SUBST:User:WildBrick142/Sig|22:19,6/4/2013}} 22:19, June 4, 2013 (UTC)

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