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So today I uploaded a video walkthrough of "I'm Free - Free Falling" Mission. After 10 hours of uploading, I got a copyright claim (Similar to previous mission because there was some stupid song in the intro that I never knew about) when I looked at it, it said that THQ made the copyright claim. This is wierd because THQ is bankrupt so they shouldnt make copyright claim on videos? I am not good at copyright and stuff so if anyone has answer can he somehow help?

You... I mean WeTube flagged all my videos of "third-party" while there is hundreds of others who have the same video and somehow dont get anything like this.


WildBrick142 youtube screenshot

PS: Sorry for bad English

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You should ask Youtube about this.
However, I have a theory. When people make copyright claims on youtube, they are stored for future use. Anything which is automatically determined to match a previous claim is still taken down.
That way, say I'm MC Hammer, and a whole bunch of people upload Hammer Time, I just need to contact youtube once asking for it to be taken down, and all matching videos are taken down, and any videos uploaded in the future will be taken down.
I agree that it's weird that THQ would make such a takedown at all, since there are plenty of gameplay videos anyway. But from the thumbnail in that image, I can see an image from the cutscene - maybe THQ made a takedown request for that cutscene.
You said you spent 10 hours uploading the video - we would much rather that you spend your time contributing text to this wiki instead of videos - they are being phased out, and have already been removed from all Saints Row 1 and 2 mission articles, and will be eventually removed from Saints Row: The Third mission articles.
There is plenty to do and there are many ways you can improve the wiki.
New information is always welcome in any article, but here are some specifics if you need ideas:

452, 2013-06-04T23:48:45Z
Sorry it took me so long for a reply. I didn't have much time back then.
Yes, the video has cutscenes because most people upload SRTT with cutscenes and they don't get copyright claims.
Thanks for your advice. I'll try to contribute here when I will have time.
WildBrick142, 2013-08-04T23:19:55Z

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