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"Missing" clothes and weapons in SRIV?

Right so this is my first ever blog post, not just on this wiki but on the internet as a whole so forgive me if I make any rookie mistakes. 

I own SRIV on the PS3 and it is a brilliant game that I'm really enjoying but a problem came to my attention lately and it has been bugging me ever since. In the Inauguration station I noticed there was some really cool looking Boba Fett style armour known as the "Ransom Collector" suit and a Han Solo style outfit known as the "Puckish Rogue". So when I got SRIV I went on over to "Let's Pretend" to buy the Ransom Collector suit. It wasn't there though, only the Jetpack was. I then figured it was unlockable. After looking around on the web I found out the suit should be available from the very start. The same applied to the Puckish Rogue outfit, which was supposed to be in "Nobody Loves Me" but is also missing. Other outfits and clothing options from the Inauguration Station also seem to be missing, such as the Presidential Suit which I find very strange as you start the game dressed in it. Like the Ransom Collector outfit, I can only buy one part of the Presidential Suit in Planet Zin which are the pants.

Another problem appeared after downloading the latest patch. Before I downloaded the patch, the first assault rifle (The one that looks like an M16/M4) and the first rocket launcher were both available for purchase within Friendly Fire, I didn't have the chance to buy them however. Once I downloaded the patch both of these weapons disapeared from Friendly Fire, I can't even highlight the missile laucher segment of the weapon wheel in Friendly Fire now. 

I was just wondering if anyone else has come across any of these problems and, if they have, can offer any solutions or explain why this may be happening. Oh and from what I've seen on the web, the few people who have experienced similar issues own the PS3 version of SRIV. Finally if it is a case of simply unlocking the outfit, no spoilers please as I haven't finished the game yet :P

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