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    Right so this is my first ever blog post, not just on this wiki but on the internet as a whole so forgive me if I make any rookie mistakes. 

    I own SRIV on the PS3 and it is a brilliant game that I'm really enjoying but a problem came to my attention lately and it has been bugging me ever since. In the Inauguration station I noticed there was some really cool looking Boba Fett style armour known as the "Ransom Collector" suit and a Han Solo style outfit known as the "Puckish Rogue". So when I got SRIV I went on over to "Let's Pretend" to buy the Ransom Collector suit. It wasn't there though, only the Jetpack was. I then figured it was unlockable. After looking around on the web I found out the suit should be available from the very start. Th…

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