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  • Wagnike2

    Information has already began leaking for the game Saints Row: The Third. Now we can throw in a porn actress and a professional wrestler. , , and will all be voicing major characters in the upcoming game.

    Grey, will be the voice of Viola DeWynter. DeWynter along with her twin sister Kiki DeWynter, run The Syndicate's financial empire. Hogan will be voicing the character Angel De LaMuerte. He is a luchador who was betrayed by ex-partner Killbane. Killbane then assumed the role of leader of the Luchadores (spelling unsure) gang. Finally, Kim will be returning as Johnny Gat. In this game, he is now an international celebrity who can be seen driving the Johnny Gat-mobile.

    What do you think about these casting decisions so far? Interested in theā€¦

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  • Wagnike2

    In a quote from THQ's Danny Bilson, he states that:

    "We don't compete with GTA. We're differentiating even further with GTA with this one. The new Saint's Row will be less urban - it's definitely not about 'gangsta' anymore at all. And it's more fun and almost sillier and wackier and weirder than the other one.

    I love GTA - especially the last one, which knocked my socks off. That's almost like a Martin Scorsese cartoon, right? We are more like the Mad Magazine version of that or something. It's colourful, it's wild, it's fun. "

    What are your opinions on this new attitude/approach that they seem to be taking? Are you completely cool with it or do you believe that this is going to hurt the Saints Row 3?

    Source: Destructoid.

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