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Posted by VaultGuru on 2011-10-20 19:21:55

GameTrailers recently released a new gameplay video that showed off some missions clips and also showed us the abilities screen which show us upgrades such as one called "Expolsions - No Ragdoll" and skills with names like Pick-Pocket and Scavenger.

The video also shows a bit of Whored Mode, co-op and Guardian Angel.

VaultGuru, 2011-10-20T19:21:55Z (last edited: 452, 2016-08-20T07:40:01Z)

Yes, it looks amazing. Best video preview by far. I caught a few things but someone needs to get round to analysing this frame-by-frame!
Moozipan Cheese, 2011-10-20T23:50:10Z
Guess I'll give it a try.
VaultGuru, 2011-10-21T15:11:56Z

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