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Posted by Thisismyrofl on 2012-12-14 23:44:20

Hello, I like to trawl Wikia looking for foreign-language wikis which would be benefited to be interlanguage linked to the main English wiki. I did a search on your wiki and I found the following:

The wikisEdit


These wikis are not linked to this wiki and are entirely eligible to be so.


These wikis cannot be interlanguage linked here without overwriting existing links; under these circumstances I would strongly recommend against such action.

What needs to be done?Edit

As the administrator of my own w:c:wolfenstein, I would strongly recommend that you have all, or at least some, of the unlinked wikis interlanguage linked to this wiki, and to each other. This will basically make them the official French/Italian/Russian counterparts of this wiki, and allow you to put links to them on the Main Page. It will allow the foreign wikis to enjoy a boost in visitors and allow the international community to flourish as a result. Note that only one from each group may be linked, so you must choose ONE Russian wiki; I have highlighted my suggestion.

You can perform this linking at w:Community Central:Interlanguage link requests. Or, with an administrator's permission, just let me take care of it. I do this for a lot of wikis, so I know what I'm doing.

Thank you for contributing to the international Saint's Row community.

Thisismyrofl, 2012-12-14T23:44:20Z

Thanks for making me aware of those nonlinked wikis, I'll have to check on them to see if they're correctly attributing the source of their images and information.
452, 2012-12-15T00:08:32Z have uploaded images which I created, without attribution.
Thanks for making me aware of this.
452, 2012-12-15T00:11:26Z
I apologize for unnecessarily posting on your wall, I do this for a lot of wikis and I like to get admins' attention. Clearly you're very aware of goings-on here so it was unnecessary in your case.
You have a very well-managed wiki, it seems. Personally I would be less strict in linking wikis, but if you want to enforce a policy, I won't argue.
Thisismyrofl, 2012-12-15T00:16:55Z
We don't actually have a policy against linking to wikis using images without attribution - do you think we should?
If you'd like to have those wikis linked, and add language links to related pages, feel free!
452, 2012-12-15T01:27:57Z
The largest foreign wiki, the German one, is no stranger to non-attributed works. Take a look at this file which appears on the front page. No attribution!
Realistically, the majority of wikis pretty much ignore copyright, unfortunate as that may be. That these foreign wikis by nature of being foreign 1) are smaller than this wiki and 2) often come with NO copyright templates means you'd probably have to exclude them all.
I hold no official status here, but I'd say live-and-let-live. An interlanguage link will let the wikis grow... maybe then they can get copyright in order. If you don't object, I'll send in a request for the bolded French, Italian, Polish, and Russian wikis to be language-linked here. Thank you.
Thisismyrofl, 2012-12-15T02:58:29Z
Yeah, I knew about both the German one and the Spanish one - I've been putting off going through adding add copyrights notices to each of the images.
No, I don't object, it's a good idea.
452, 2012-12-15T03:23:54Z
Remove the red links from your post.
edit: I've fixed the links
452, 2012-12-15T11:29:06Z
Anyone mind if I make a Swedish Saints Row Wiki?
The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle, 2012-12-16T12:23:23Z
Yes. Saints Row is not a Swedish game.
Hooded Demon, 2012-12-16T14:18:39Z
Hooded Demon has been given an official warning due to this comment. 452, 2012-12-16T15:52:04Z
You do not need to ask permission to make a Swedish Saints Row Wiki.
Feel free to use any images from this wiki, or translate any information from this wiki into Swedish, but please remember to correctly attribute the source of the images and information to this wiki.
452, 2012-12-16T15:52:04Z
Incidentally, I've recently had all of the international wikis cross-linked and interlanguage links added to the main page of each.
As it turns out, there is a Saints Row Wiki for each language that Saints Row is released in, except Japanese.
452, 2015-01-27T21:46:36Z

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