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Posted by TheNo1DestinationFan on 2011-08-20 00:52:01

Me, TheNo1FinalDestinationFan (A.K.A YURDEAD222 On Xbox Live), have found a Glitch, that will allow you to pass through any wall you wish. Here Are The StepsL

1. Buy or Equip a Pipe Bomb, or some Hand Geranades. (Works Best With Pipe Bombs.)

2. Must Have Smack That Ass Taunt from the Plastic Surgeon.

3. Approach Any Wall You Wish to Enter, and Throw a Pipe Bomb a few feet Away from you. After doing this, preform the Taunt on the wall. Your butt will go through the Wall, and the Force of the Explosion will Force You Through.


2nd Method: (MUST BE IN CO-OP MODE)

1. Must Have Smack That Ass Taunt From The Plastic Surgeon.

2. Approach any wall you wish to enter, and preform the Taunt on the wall. While doing so, have a Friend hit you with a Bat or Sword, and you will be Launched In.



1. This Glitch Works Best With Pipe Bombs because Gernades Do more Damage, and won't give you enough Time to preform the Taunt. Allthough with enough Skill, it can be achieved.

2. This Glitch Also Works in Multiplayer, and can be used to get out of Maps, allthough you will automaticly Die depending on how far you wander off of the Map. You can also use this Glitch to get into Buildings you could never enter in the Matches. (Strong Arm Matches and some Gangsta Brawl Matches.)

3. If you get stuck in beetween the Wall while doing this Glitch, your game will freeze.

4. Some Building/Objects will just allow you to fall below the Map. You will either Re-Spawn on Land, Or If you are asked to warp to shore (If you are near water.) , You will spawn in the Stilwater Caverns.

5. Watch Your Health. Don't make it the first Few Times, wait till your health regenerates before Attempting to do it again.


TheNo1DestinationFan, 2011-08-20T00:52:01Z (last edited: 452, 2011-11-07T14:19:34Z)

Hey cool, I had forgotten there was a blog post about this glitch. I still use it often.
452, 2014-04-28T02:40:36Z

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