Posted by Terminator659 on 2011-11-27 00:23:05

Yesterday afternoon, I completed Saints Row The Third for the second time. I must say the game is fun everytime you play it, there is one thing that bugs me.

I do not understand why the developers chose to remove the "Mission Replay" option they had in Saints Row 2; Am I the only one that sees the rediculouslyness of giving us cool costumes at the end of the game if there are no cutscenes to see them in.

Any body have an idea, like a petition or something to convince the game designers to give us a DLC that installs that feature in the game?


Terminator659, 2011-11-27T00:23:05Z

Wow, they removed them? That really sucks.
452, 2011-11-27T00:59:03Z
I know, you think someone could email them, try to get some info about a possible DLC?
Terminator659, 2011-11-27T01:24:25Z
You can always try.
Good luck.
452, 2011-11-27T01:32:00Z
I just had to play again for the (4th?) mission, The one taking the penthouse. Loved that mission. Hope theres an update to add this., 2011-12-04T19:43:36Z

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