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Points that may play a role in Saints Row 3?

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Ok, we can attempt to develop (accurately please, no creating stuff like "may happen", all points MUST be based off of facts and actual possibilities) what may happen in Saints Row 3. And I must thank Master Sima Yi and other users for posting some these on the forums. Feel free to add points at any time. And remember to make a lot of links for certain words in the points. Like this: [[Stilwater]]. And as you see below, it is all a HUGE tangle of events and points, as some of them connect. Just comment and I will add your points.

  • Kazuo Akuji promised he would get revenge, and said that "The world will not be big enough for you to hide in", which could mean The Protagonist running to a new city. And Kazuo is never confirmed to be dead.
  • The Sons of Samedi are an international organisation, which means that they aren't completely finished yet.
  • The Ronin are a international organisation, however, Kazuo Akuji (the lead of the entire gang) may be dead (Unconfirmed).
  • Tera promised to have revenge on Ultor, but with the Protagonist having peace with Ultor in Corporate Warfare and instead focused on Dex, this may have some conflict.
  • The Protagonist promising to find Dex and get him (of course).
  • Ben King may return.
  • Carlos had a brother.
  • Mayor Monica Hughes has "plans", according to some police officers.
  • Donnie is still alive.
  • Dex fled Stilwater to get away from The Protagonist, and The Protagonist still wants revenge.
  • Eric Gryphon and Richard Hughes may be the same person, meaning Richard is now the chairman of Ultor, and his wife, Monica Hughes, is the mayor of Stilwater. Richard also tried to kill The Protagonist at the end of Saints Row.
  • Dex said that Eric is not to be trusted, meaning he may betray the protagonist, given the chance.
  • Julius is now dead.
  • What ever happened to the Colombian Cartel? Nothing really happened since the Drug Trafficking in Saints Row 2.
  • What ever happened to the Stilwater Triads, nothing happened since defeating The Ronin.
  • Troy Bradshaw is still alive, and still helps the Saints at the end of Saints Row 2.
  • Why would Dex try to kill Eric Gryphon, if Eric is the Chairman, technically in charge of him?
  • The Saints still have connection to the police station's cameras.
  • Jaime is still alive.
  • Katie is still alive.
  • Mr. Wong is still alive.
  • Mr. Sunshine is some crazed voodoo jerk off, so he could probably bring back his body and find his head, and revive himself (with his spirit, haha.
  • Zombie Lin, and Zombie Carlos are still canon, and really never "died".
  • Shogo Akuji may still be alive, and his whimpers can be heard coming from his grave.

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