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Posted by Spedster777 on 2010-08-25 04:23:50

Ok I want to know everybodies favorite weapons on the wiki. Use the Saints Row 2 weapons page not the Saints Row list. No need for vehicle mounted, improvised, or enviromental weapons. Please pick one of each type.

Spedster777, 2010-08-25T04:23:50Z

My favs:
Melee Weapons: Computer | Pistol: Dual Kobra | SMG: Dual T3K Urban | Shotgun: XS-2 Ultimax | Rifle: AR200 SAW | Special: Mini-Gun | Thrown: Satchel Charge
Hecamebak01, 2010-10-05T09:31:23Z (last edited: Hecamebak01, 2010-10-05T09:33:14Z)

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