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Posted by Spedster777 on 2010-10-02 14:16:53

Cloning is a technique used by online Saints Row 2 players to store their partner's vehicles.

How To Clone (Vehicles)Edit

  1. Player 2 (Guest) joins Player 1's (Host) game.
  2. Player 2 takes Player 1's desired vehicle(s) from their garage.
  3. Player 1 watches the vehicle(s) closely so they don't disappear.
  4. Player 2 leaves the game, or is kicked.
  5. Player 2 re-joins, and gets in and out each of the desired vehicle(s).
  6. Player 1 is now able to store the vehicles in their garage. Do so.
  7. Save, And enjoy!

Spedster777 - 2010-10-02 14:16:53

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