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  • Spedster777

    Rare Hunting

    October 26, 2010 by Spedster777

    Rare Hunting is a activity enjoyed by a handful of Saints Row and Saints Row 2 players. Rare Hunting is when a player, or players, retrieve rare or special vehicles, weapons, or clothing, most of which are in-mission, and unseen anywhere else, while a very few appear during normal gameplay, and have low chances of spawning.

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  • Spedster777


    October 2, 2010 by Spedster777

    Cloning is a technique used by online Saints Row 2 players to store their partner's vehicles.

    1. Player 2 (Guest) joins Player 1's (Host) game.
    2. Player 2 takes Player 1's desired vehicle(s) from their garage.
    3. Player 1 watches the vehicle(s) closely so they don't disappear.
    4. Player 2 leaves the game, or is kicked.
    5. Player 2 re-joins, and gets in and out each of the desired vehicle(s).
    6. Player 1 is now able to store the vehicles in their garage. Do so.
    7. Save, And enjoy!
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  • Spedster777

    Ok, we can attempt to develop (accurately please, no creating stuff like "may happen", all points MUST be based off of facts and actual possibilities) what may happen in Saints Row 3. And I must thank Master Sima Yi and other users for posting some these on the forums. Feel free to add points at any time. And remember to make a lot of links for certain words in the points. Like this: [[Stilwater|]]. And as you see below, it is all a HUGE tangle of events and points, as some of them connect. Just comment and I will add your points.

    • Kazuo Akuji promised he would get revenge, and said that "The world will not be big enough for you to hide in", which could mean The Protagonist running to a new city. And Kazuo is never confirmed to be dead.
    • The S…
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  • Spedster777

    Favorite weapons

    August 25, 2010 by Spedster777

    Ok I want to know everybodies favorite weapons on the wiki. Use the Saints Row 2 weapons page not the Saints Row list. No need for vehicle mounted, improvised, or enviromental weapons. Please pick one of each type.

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  • Spedster777

    300 edits!

    August 23, 2010 by Spedster777

    Like my previous blog post, I have reached another milestone in edits! I still have alot to do, in addition of the 200 more until im halfway to 1,000. And Im 3/4 away until I (can) become an admin!

    Aww man that was the title? wow...

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