Posted by ShadowxSlayer on 2011-11-19 13:51:45

So, i was wondering if i bought dual wielding, for pistols for example, am i stuck with that or can i turn it off whenever i want. I have it for XBox if that matters at all.

ShadowxSlayer, 2011-11-19T13:51:45Z

You're stuck with it. --Isolationistmagi 16:48, January 2, 2012 (UTC)
In Saints Row: The Third, if you have purchased Dual Wielding, and then see a single pistol on the ground, do you always automatically have two when you pick it up?
In Saints Row 2, you can choose whether to dual wield at any time.
  • When you pick up a weapon, you pick up a single weapon and if you stand over a second weapon you are given the option to dual wield.
  • In the Weapons Cache, after having picked up two of a weapon in the past, you're able to select that weapon as either a single or dual wield.
452, 2013-04-14T14:58:19Z
Tested and confirmed.
I equipped dual 45 Shepherds, killed a cop, tried to pick up his single Kobra, and picked up dual Kobras.
452, 2013-04-16T02:41:50Z
Thanks this really helped now my brother will stop bothering me
- link, 2014-06-05T12:29:10Z
Its quite confusing
-link, 2014-06-05T12:30:34Z
I do hate this mechanic
Hamsterlampglade, 2014-06-05T13:12:35Z

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