Posted by SM90 on 2012-06-19 10:14:16

Hey guys. After going through the SR series, I finally got back to SR3. As with the first two games, I am doing as many of the activities and challenges as I can, before I do all the missions.

This post is regarding two challenges, in which I found out very helpful tips.

Firstly, I will talk about the Store Hold-Up challenge.

This is a simple challenge from Pierce; hold up 15 stores and rob them. Now, when I first saw this, I thought I would have the task of driving around 15 different stores and doing the business, but that's not to be.

I found out you can rob the same store, on the same night, in quick succession.

Step 1 - Purchase any store (I used Friendly Fire, as the cashier stays still and all you have to do is zoom in (I think L2/LT) at the cashier.)

Step 2 - Enter the store and hold it up (As above, zoom in at the cashier and keep still until you get a small message saying the hold-up was successful.)

Step 3 - Leave the store and re-enter it - this should wipe away any wanted levels by the Police.

Step 4 - Run away from the shop, ideally down the road. Run back up to the shop. The alarms should have stopped (if not, run a little further until you find the point where the alarms have stopped.)

Step 5 - Enter the store and hold-up the shop again.

After Step 5, repeat from Step 1 - this should work and get you the 15 required hold-up's within 5-10 minutes.

The next tip is regarding the challenge 'Take 50 Hostages'.

As obvious as this sounds, the clue is in the challenge: Take 50 Hostages.

Nowhere did it say you had to successfully keep them hostage for the allotted amount of time.

All I simply did was try and find a car with 3 or 4 people (so when you remove the driver, you're either taking 2 or 3 people hostage per time) and pressed 'Y' (or, on PS3, 'Triangle') to initiate the Hostage mini-game. I then let them get out the car straight away and it still counted towards my Hostage count.

If you prefer to do it properly and gain the ransom money, then you're best not following this advice.

I hope this helps anyone struggling on either challenge, or anyone who wanted a quick-fix.

These two strategies worked fine for me, so if they don't work for you, then there's not much I can do, sorry.SM90 10:14, June 19, 2012 (UTC)

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