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SR3 Is Dissapoint

I recently sold Saints Row the Third for Battlefield 3. Here are the reasons why:

1.Replayability- There is none.Once you finish a mission, you have to start from the beginning or have multiple save files, which is a pain in the ass. Why can't we have the newspapers from Saints Row 2? The side activities don't please me enough either.

2.Story- I saw the ending coming a mile away and is too short, plus the characters changed too much. Shaundi is a whiny lil bitch, Pierce is too laid back, Johnny Gat is "dead". These are some questionable decisions.

3.Weapons- Im pissed with the amount of weapons. Instead of upgrading 1 of the 2 useful assault rifles, why not just give us a boatload of purpose-built guns. Not to mention I didn't even use melee weapons(Apoco fists and Penetrator)

4.Other bullshit- Even after the game is finished, the bridges are still up. The cars I drive don't even get damaged, cops and Morningstar snipe you with pistols from across the map, no day-night cycle, barely a difference when tuning at Rim Jobs, Saints are rarely seen on the street, overpriced crappy DLC's, cutscenes and gameplay are blocky at times on Xbox 360, the overall location, which is an island full of factories(yawn), and the "gangsta" feel of the game is gone. No offense, but its the "white boy" of the series

An overall observation of what I think is wrong with SR3. I don't regret selling it. Volition could have done much better. Im not saying its a bad game, but its not worth my time anymore.

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