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    I recently sold Saints Row the Third for Battlefield 3. Here are the reasons why:

    1.Replayability- There is none.Once you finish a mission, you have to start from the beginning or have multiple save files, which is a pain in the ass. Why can't we have the newspapers from Saints Row 2? The side activities don't please me enough either.

    2.Story- I saw the ending coming a mile away and is too short, plus the characters changed too much. Shaundi is a whiny lil bitch, Pierce is too laid back, Johnny Gat is "dead". These are some questionable decisions.

    3.Weapons- Im pissed with the amount of weapons. Instead of upgrading 1 of the 2 useful assault rifles, why not just give us a boatload of purpose-built guns. Not to mention I didn't even use melee …

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