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Posted by R4gn0r0k on 2012-01-17 02:22:08

It would be AMAZING if someone could make Matt Miller. Whoever desides to make him please post it here. Thank you so much.

R4gn0r0k, 2012-01-17T02:22:08Z

show the picture all ready, 2012-04-04T23:01:20Z
Me and my brother wanted to make matt miller and I found 1 but it did not look like him, 2012-04-10T22:11:32Z
I can get you the formula tomarrow if I remember, 2012-06-19T07:19:21Z
Hey, in saints row 4 you get him as a homie AND if you do his missions you unlock his clothes. So you could technically make him there as far as matt miller sr3 goes .....
This isn't MINE but it is someone else's attempt., 2015-01-09T16:54:41Z

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