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Posted by OperettaBominable7 on 2011-10-06 19:08:58

Who Thinks The Deckers Are Awsome ?!

OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-06T19:08:58Z

Hmm............. Guess no one likes them. :(
OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-06T19:26:45Z
Most excited at taking down the Morning Star myself. They look like the big bad.
Moozipan Cheese, 2011-10-06T19:34:31Z
i realy want to go in the decker usernet, 2011-10-06T19:35:56Z
I'm also excited about all the customization things. Exspecially headphones, neon blue clothes, and cars. I love neon blue. I want to take them down too, but if you have a choice to ruin the leader's lives like in the Murder Brawl gameplay, I AM NOT ruining Matt Miller's life.
OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-06T21:07:53Z (last edited: OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-06T21:12:25Z)
Awsome isn't it !
OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-06T21:09:06Z
you should create a voxel with black and light blue, 2011-10-07T12:41:27Z
That would be awsome !
OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-07T19:01:26Z
well i really like the deckers. i love their blades and neon lights and i really really really like their hideout it´s so beautiful with those lights. i was also thinking about ruining his live but he is to cool and he isnt a pussy maybe if you spare him you can get a ellectric weapon or something
Yamatoghost98, 2011-10-07T16:02:29Z
No cursing on my blog please. You are right about their hideout, if you get to customize your hideout fully, mine is absolutely going to look like that.
OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-07T19:00:19Z (last edited: OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-07T19:05:13Z)
You do not have the right to tell other people that they cannot curse. -452 16:00, December 24, 2016 (UTC)
Wolf ?
OperettaBominable7, 2011-10-07T19:02:19Z
the deckers are also my favourite gang and i hope if you safe Matt (if you had the choice) he wil join the saints, 2011-10-09T11:28:33Z
the deckers used a bear in the deckers die trailer, 2011-10-09T16:57:41Z
Their awesome, i like the neon clothing and the sword Nocturne. Cheers
Raniero R, 2011-12-29T10:57:22Z
Me! :D, 2012-03-14T10:46:34Z

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