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Posted by NinjaSmoothieRainbows on 2013-10-26 07:36:58

So I was just walking down the street on SR3 and I saw what seemed to be a guy in a Ninja Suit,now, normally I'd kill him so I did shoot him and..He didn't die.And then I shot at him with The Sonic Boom(fully charged) and still he didn't die! I wasn't on multiplayer either so I just guessed it was a mascot, even though mascots don't wear ninja suits...So I guessed again it was one of my saints, so I went to see on Gang Customization and I didn't have any ninjas on my gangs....So that's it.

NinjaSmoothieRainbows, 2013-10-26T07:36:58Z

How very interesting. I wasn't aware that there were Ninja civilians, but I'll definitely look into that.
Hmm, my list has no civilians named as ninjas, but that isn't proof against it, because we don't have pictures of each of those characters. I really wish someone would do that, but sadly, no-one has.
After checking the Gang Customization list, and getting a better look at what a Ninja Homie looks like, do you still think that the guy in the street looked like that, or did he look different to a normal ninja?
452, 2013-10-26T13:21:04Z
@452 It was a normal NinjaSmoothie,no purple there.
NinjaSmoothieRainbows, 2013-10-27T20:07:56Z
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Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to move your comment to the correct location.
452, 2013-10-27T20:48:10Z (last edited: 452, 2013-10-27T20:48:32Z)
I have now checked the SR3 character definition file, and there is also nothing there defining a civilian ninja.
452, 2013-10-27T20:51:57Z
I was unaware that there were other random bugs like this - can you give me details?
452, 2013-10-27T20:52:23Z
I have now done a full search of the game files for the word "ninja', and found nothing which could explain this.
There are ninjas in Whored Mode, and Saints Ninjas, and there is a compliment named "The Ninja".
The only thing that would possibly explain Ninjas is a known bug that randomly loads non-selected homies - but you said that it definitely wasn't a Homie ninja.
452, 2013-10-27T23:13:13Z
I have now moved these comments to the correct location. -452 01:31, November 22, 2016 (UTC)
Bugs happen, sometimes - It might be that simple :]
On which platform do you play ? PC, 360,..?
Erewon, 2013-10-26T13:52:47Z (last edited: Erewon, 2013-10-26T13:53:29Z)
@Erewon I use PS3
NinjaSmoothieRainbows, 2013-10-27T20:06:50Z

I think you're talking rubbish., 2013-11-01T20:58:54Z

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