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  • I live in On a Rainbow in the clouds.
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Author of the 'Lusty Argonian Shield-Maiden' Volumes/Par-Time Rainbow Ninja
  • I am Uber Crassius Curio's Next-Of-Kin
  • NinjaSmoothieRainbows

    Ghost Cars?!

    November 2, 2013 by NinjaSmoothieRainbows

    So I was playing SR3 (as usual) when I saw what seemed to be ghost cars and people on Aparice Island, I have finished the game and the Island is still home to zombies just to keep note, And so I zoom in with my McManus and once I do zoom in they disappear, weird right?

    And sometimes a glitch appears when I run in or parachute into the island I get to actually SEE the people and cars driving and walking! Then after the zombies appear and they disappear..

    Anyone else see this bug?

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  • NinjaSmoothieRainbows

    So I was just walking down the street on SR3 and I saw what seemed to be a guy in a Ninja Suit,now, normally I'd kill him so I did shoot him and..He didn't die.And then I shot at him with The Sonic Boom(fully charged) and still he didn't die! I wasn't on multiplayer either so I just guessed it was a mascot, even though mascots don't wear ninja suits...So I guessed again it was one of my saints, so I went to see on Gang Customization and I didn't have any ninjas on my gangs....So that's it.

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