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Niko Bellic 2008

aka Marc

  • I live in España
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is Estudiante
  • I am Hombre
  • Niko Bellic 2008

    Posibble Spoiler

    Sorry for my bad english, but I'm learning it and I can't speak it too well.

    Well, members of the wiki i have a problem on my Saint's Row The Third. I'm on PS3 and I want to get the platinum, but i have a bug on the trophie called "You're my hero!"

    Well, the last challenge that I must do it's to do all the survivals. Yes, I know, you will say that I must finish the story to get all the survivals, but i do finish the story, and I do the Zombie's Survival. I do the 25/26 survivals, but then i always recieve older calls that I do before like the women who calls you, sending you to the airport to entertaing the police or the women calling you, saying that the mascots are attacking the shop "Let's Pretend".

    Any idea what i must do? …

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