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Posted by Moozipan Cheese on 2012-05-30 14:48:00

A rough bullet pointed checklist once used to cleanup all articles regarding missions and Strongholds in Saints Row that I had already overhauled.

(Each page will need revisiting if the main character's (The Protagonist) page is ever renamed.)

Checklist Edit

  • Copy mission strings from here to talk page.
  • Change infobox image captions from "<Mission name> 'Mission Completed' screen in Saints Row." to ""<Mission name>" mission completion screen in Saints Row."
  • Relink Story arc sections in infobox.
  • Change mission objectives in infobox from em dashes (–) to bullet points (•).
    • Use these bullet points for cutscenes and rewards fields too.
  • Check objectives field in infobox, cross reference with mission strings, and bold any words that appear coloured in the game.
  • Change "the Protagonist" to "The Protagonist".
  • Change headings in lead text from "Mission Name" to "Mission Name".
  • Expand source of quote.
  • Reformat Story sections to comply with new {{Story}} template.
  • Confirm fail conditions (check mission strings).
  • Redirect any "You're Smoked" and "You're Busted" links to "Smoked" and "Busted" respectively.
  • Rename the section "Reward" into "Rewards"; and make it so it's no longer a subsection under "Gameplay".
    • Replace text with {{Rewards}} template.
    • Check Achievements to see if any are given as a reward, as I didn't think to check the first time around.
  • Add appropriate newscast if the mission has one.
  • Replace the section "Memorable Quotes" with a "Transcript", and reformat appropriately.
    • Move the "Transcript" section above "Trivia".
  • Align the gameplay video at the bottom to the center.
  • Change template at bottom of the article to new {{Missions in Saints Row}} template, and delete old ones.
  • Change ref tags from <ref></ref> to {{ref||}}. Change formatting.
  • Update current game images with screenshots of 16:9 HD gameplay from YouTube - current ones are low quality 480p screenshots taken from YouTuber xXIsaIsaXx's vids. Also update with summary and licensing:
== Summary ==
Screenshot from the ''Saints Row'' mission "...".
== Licensing ==
Update summary: HD image, better resolution.
Editing summary: Summary and licensing.

Moozipan Cheese - 2012-05-30 14:48:00

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