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    A rough bullet pointed checklist once used to cleanup all articles regarding missions and Strongholds in Saints Row that I had already overhauled.

    (Each page will need revisiting if the main character's (The Protagonist) page is ever renamed.)

    • Copy mission strings from here to talk page.
    • Change infobox image captions from " 'Mission Completed' screen in Saints Row." to """ mission completion screen in Saints Row."
    • Relink Story arc sections in infobox.
    • Change mission objectives in infobox from em dashes (–) to bullet points (•).
      • Use these bullet points for cutscenes and rewards fields too.
    • Check objectives field in infobox, cross reference with mission strings, and bold any words that appear coloured in the game.
    • Change "the Protagonist" to "The Protagonist".

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  • Moozipan Cheese

    Live Q&A info

    November 7, 2011 by Moozipan Cheese

    Last night, 's community manager, V-Singular, did a live Q&A video where he answered a few questions while showing off the Initiation Station. While most of the questions he answered are already known, there were some small tid-bits of info to scrape from the livestream. Sitting there with the video on one side, and a WordPad document on the other, I did just that.

    Here's some answers to the more interesting questions I picked up on:

    • The Initiation Station was released on All Saints' Day.
      • Almost 1,000,000 unique characters uploaded to the Initiation Station so far.
    • Co-op pausing is all "null and void" (although, personally, I've noticed Whored Mode can be paused in co-op).
    • Many co-op features are accessible in the cellphone menu, and accessing…

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  • Moozipan Cheese

    With the release of the "Shock and Awesome" trailer, and all the commotion it has caused, it's possible that all the more recent amazing previews and news may have passed you by.

    The "Shock and Awesome" trailer, if somehow you did miss it, showcased the Special Tactical Anti-Gang unit - also known as STAG. Its opening and closing satirized recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 trailers respectively, similar to how Saints Row 2's trailers satirized Grand Theft Auto IV. With Zimos, Reaper Drones, a Sonic Boom, flying aircraft carriers, and a helluva load of STAG adversaries, the trailer was certainly something.

    But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to remind you to check out some other videos from the recent Saints Row: The …

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  • Moozipan Cheese

    .]] Volition, Inc. recently released a video on Saints Row: The Third, revealing a small amount of interesting infomation. The video consists of Steve Jaros, the lead writer of Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and now Saints Row: The Third, providing developer commentary over the CG "Power" trailer they showed at last month. The video can be seen to the right, or alternatively, if you want to see it on YouTube, you can click here to watch it.

    The most notable information I picked up on:

    • The 3rd Street Saints have now partnered with Ultor. But why? Perhaps due to the Protagonist's help with Eric Gryphon in Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare?
    • Viola and Kiki DeWynter are confirmed (against some minor speculation) not to be assassins, but "really awesome perso…
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