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Stilwater Locations from SR1 to SR2

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I'm not sure if this will be useful for anyone or not, but I was putting this together and thought I'd throw it on a blog.

This will hopefully be a list of many major locations in Stilwater from SR1 and what state they are in for SR2. It is still incomplete.

Please note that Volition switched the names around for some Districts and Neighborhoods, and redrew the borders of others, so while something may be in a same spot it may now be considered a different district.


  • Saints Row Loft: Gone. The Saints Row District has been completely redone.
  • Lopez Mansion: Still there, though no longer enterable.
  • King Penthouse: Still there, though no longer enterable and has a new texture which changes some windows and such. In SR1 it had a sign saying Last Century Insurance Company on it, but in SR2 that sign is gone and a sign in a different spot reads The Ruchamkin Denebola Corporation.
  • Price Mansion: Still there, but no longer enterable and has fallen into disarray a bit.

Mission Locations

3rd Street Saints

  • Saints Row Church: Moved to a new location, renovated, has an accessible second floor now but the back and side rooms are inaccessible.
  • Saints Row Garage: Gone.

Los Carnales

  • The Mills Drug Lab: Still there, no longer enterable. However, the icon for an Insurance Fraud (unnamed male doctor) is outside of it, implying his office should be inside the building.
  • Southern Cross Drug Lab: ???
  • Drug Factory: Still there, abandoned. Now considered to be in Black Bottom.
  • Wardill Airport: Massively redesigned, now enterable

Vice Kings

Westside Rollerz

  • Donnie's: Gone at the original location, replaced by a minimart. However, he now has a new shop (see Chop Shop Activities).
  • Pool hall: The place where Lin was held captive is gone entirely from SR2. It's a small area with benches and a nearby minimart now.


Los Carnales

Vice Kings

Westside Rollerz

Activity Locations

Chop Shop

Demolition Derby

Drug Trafficking

  • Tobias (Fox Drive, Factories District): His home (or at least the area you meet him) appears to still be there, though he likely no longer lives there since he's now married.
  • Marvin (Amberbrook, Museum District): Now has a sign that says Amberbrook Port Shipping Co. on it. It is no longer enterable.
  • Laura (Misty Lane, Suburbs District): Still There. Need to replay Sons of Samedi mission to verify if it's still where she is living.




Insurance Fraud

  • Raymond Gonzales (Cecil Park, Barrio District): Gone. There is now an empty lot for tables for the new restaurant next door where the Legal Lee office used to be.
  • Legal Lee (Adept Way, Downtown District): The building is still there but some windows are different and the Legal Lee sign has been replaced with DK Buster Insurance Company.
  • Seth (Chinatown): Building is different and the Howie Cheatem sign is gone.

Loan Shark

  • Vinnie: Gone. Replaced by Eda's Toys or the building next to it.



  • Lorenzo (Poseidon Alley, Docks & Warehouses): The little area his cutscene shows him to be is not anywhere around where the icon to start his cutscene is, but I finally located it at a corner of the airport. The airport has been massively redesigned in SR2, but there is a similar checkpoint building in a similar area of the airport.
  • Ty (Brighton, Downtown District): His parking lot is still there.
  • Libby (Ultor Dome, Arena District): Well, she was just sort of standing in the street, and the street is still there.


  • Will (Harrowgate, Saint's Row District): Gone due to Saint's Row renovation.
  • Loreana (Cecil Park, Barrio District): Still there with an El Hoyo Motel sign added to the parking lot. It is now considered to be in Ezpata. You couldn't enter it in SR1 (interior only seen in cutscene) and still can't enter it. It is thought to be the removed Barrio Hacienda Crib for SR2, though that also could be another nearby building that shares the same model.
  • Vikki (Bavogian Plaza, Red Light District): The building is still there, but the Madam Vikki's Hotel sign is gone. Large posters of strippers now line one of the walls, and there is faded paint saying "Beefgina." You couldn't enter it in SR1 (interior only seen in cutscene) and still can't enter it.
  • Helmers (Ultor Dome, Arena District): His trailer is gone, replaced by a minimart.


  • Matt (Harrowgate, Saint's Row District): Gone due to Saint's Row renovation.
  • Javier (Cecil Park, Barrio District): His On The Fence appears to be gone.
  • Morgan (Huntersfield, Suburbs District): His empty parking lot is still there, though it is now considered in the Tidal Spring District. This makes him the only Theft drop-off to still have a location, even if it is an empty parking lot. The building next to it has had it's sign removed and is now where you start Crowd Control.
  • Aiden (Sommerset, Apartments District): His On The Fence is replaced by a King's Grocery Store.


  • I believe all locations of On The Fence are gone from Stilwater in SR2. I suppose this is appropriate since Crazy Carl says they are having a going out of business sale in SR1.

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