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Posted by Miracle Max on 2015-05-20 02:59:44

I noticed that Co-Op and Strong Arm have their own pages, but other Multiplayer modes do not. Gangsta Brawl redirects to the Multiplayer Categories page, while all other modes redirect to the Multiplayer in Saints Row article. I can definitely see Co-Op having it's own article either way (though it needs to be touched up with more information), but should Strong Arm be merged into the Multiplayer in Saints Row 2 article, or should the other modes from the first game each get their own article?

I'm kind of leaning towards each getting their own page so that the Multiplayer pages can be cleaned up some and just focus on general information and quick overviews of the modes with links to them where it goes into detail with the maps and customize settings and such.

I guess we'd also have to decide if Gangsta Brawl gets two pages (one for Saints Row and one for Saints Row 2) or one (I think one can cover it, but figure we need to have wiki-wide consistency). Redirects should probably also be created for Team Gangsta Brawl and Team Big Ass Chains. Miracle Max (talk) 02:59, May 20, 2015 (UTC)

Miracle Max, 2015-05-20T02:59:44Z (last edited: 452, 2015-12-20T17:39:12Z)

Either way is a-okay. The main reason they do not have dedicated articles is because there isn't enough information about them.
I believe they're basically how they were when I joined, although it's possible that the modes which do not have articles were merged at some point due to lacking details.
Typically, if there is a subject which does not have enough information to warrant a dedicated article, you should just add more information about a subject on the page where the information currently is, until such time as there is information to warrant splitting the information into a dedicated article. That's happened with quite a few subjects, although I can't recall off the top of my head when that last happened.
Of course, if you want to add a whole bunch of information, then it's not really necessary to go through the intermediate step of adding it to the multiplayer article first.
Gangsta Brawl gets one page, like Insurance Fraud does. Hub-pages, like "Multiplayer in Saints Row"/"Activities in Saints Row 2" are different, because they're not about a specific subject.
452, 2015-05-20T03:25:46Z
I mostly feel that right now the Multiplayer pages can be a bit hard to read, and so offloading some of that information to dedicated articles would make it easier to find stuff without excessive scrolling (plus consistency with Strong Arm having it's own page but the others not having one).
Strong Arm is already a fairly long article, and I think Gangsta Brawl could easily have it's own page as well since it will be pulling information from two games. Big Ass Chains, Blinged Out Ride, and Protect tha Pimp wouldn't be as long (basically being about what each section on the Multiplayer in Saints Row page currently has, just with a better formatted Customize Settings section since I think the current version would be hard for some people to read and want to try and improve it), but they wouldn't really be the shortest articles on the wiki or anything.
If the blank pages could be created, I could work on moving the information over in the next day or two. Or if we want to leave it like it is, my next plan is to try and touch-up the Multiplayer in Saints Row 2 page (does Gameplay Tips even need to be there? I can see keeping "Changing Weapons," "Button-holding Techniques," and "Killswitching" as trivia or something, but the rest seems unneeded) and the Co-op page. Miracle Max (talk) 03:45, May 20, 2015 (UTC)
Miracle Max, 2015-05-20T03:45:52Z (last edited: Miracle Max, 2015-05-20T03:50:10Z)
I also don't really like the idea of "Tip" and "Gameplay Tips" sections. Tips has been created as a place to keep common-sense stuff which doesn't need to be specifically listed in articles.
452, 2015-05-20T04:20:34Z
What ever happened with this?
452, 2016-01-19T17:56:06Z

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