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    I noticed that Co-Op and Strong Arm have their own pages, but other Multiplayer modes do not. Gangsta Brawl redirects to the Multiplayer Categories page, while all other modes redirect to the Multiplayer in Saints Row article. I can definitely see Co-Op having it's own article either way (though it needs to be touched up with more information), but should Strong Arm be merged into the Multiplayer in Saints Row 2 article, or should the other modes from the first game each get their own article?

    I'm kind of leaning towards each getting their own page so that the Multiplayer pages can be cleaned up some and just focus on general information and quick overviews of the modes with links to them where it goes into detail with the maps and customiz…

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  • Miracle Max

    I'm not sure if this will be useful for anyone or not, but I was putting this together and thought I'd throw it on a blog.

    This will hopefully be a list of many major locations in Stilwater from SR1 and what state they are in for SR2. It is still incomplete.

    Please note that Volition switched the names around for some Districts and Neighborhoods, and redrew the borders of others, so while something may be in a same spot it may now be considered a different district.

    • Saints Row Loft: Gone. The Saints Row District has been completely redone.
    • Lopez Mansion: Still there, though no longer enterable.
    • King Penthouse: Still there, though no longer enterable and has a new texture which changes some windows and such. In SR1 it had a sign saying Last Centu…

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