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Posted by Master Sima Yi on 2010-08-17 10:31:33

Yesterday my fellow admin AndyP96 came up with the idea to create a contest for best and most original playable character that the community could create. The contest is up now and you guys, the community, can now send in your creations to either me or AndyP96. The best one will be featured on the main page for one week!

Read the following article to find out about the rules:

Enjoy, people!

Master Sima Yi, 2010-08-17T10:31:33Z (last edited: 452, 2012-04-29T01:05:08Z)

Cool! I'll grab my camra!, 2010-08-17T21:29:40Z
Alright, man, but can you first register yourself? That way we can identify you and give credit to you.
Master Sima Yi, 2010-08-17T21:35:02Z
hey does it have to be a look alike ive posted a pic but its my own creation
Kieranl, 2010-10-14T22:00:44Z
Well, it has to be either a look-a-like or a really spunky character.
Master Sima Yi, 2010-10-15T04:54:18Z

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