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Posted by LividFrenzy on 2013-09-30 15:58:16

But that's irrelevant. Look, I've more or less familiarised myself with SRIV, but there's only one thing I can't suss out: Taking in-game screenshots! On the XBOX 360, has anyone got the jist of it? If you do, comment, that'd be your birthday present to me! :-)


LividFrenzy, 2013-09-30T15:58:16Z

Happy Birthday, sorry I wasn't here for it.
I have no idea about in-game screenshots on XBox. Have I already suggested reading the manual? Oh. It's in French.
The english manual isn't very helpful
So, what happens when you select "Camera" from the Hub menu?
452, 2013-10-03T01:49:09Z (last edited: 452, 2013-10-03T01:49:24Z)
Update for anyone finding this post:
LividFrenzy has since worked out that screenshots are taken in Saints Row IV by holding down "Back".
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