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Posted by Lfcmurphy200 on 2012-04-15 00:35:32

ok so who do you guys think will be in saints row 4 johnny gat or johnny tag will eather be in it or both i hope gats in it but if not shrink tag to human size and make him talk probly if gats vocie actor dose not want to do it get a new voice actor

Janitor's edit: This blog post has been here for a year, but comments have been closed because people are repeating disproven ideas without reading previous comments. Discussion is welcome, repeating the same things while ignoring the evidence is not.

Johnny Gat rumoursEdit

There are a number of rumours, I intend to dispel them.

His body is not seen on the planeEdit

Rumour: Jonnhy Gatt's boddy woz on da plain!!!!!1
Not Johnny Gat's body in cutscene

If you think this is Gat, you need your eyes checked.

He did not land the planeEdit

Rumour: Jonnhy culd of landed da plain n gon bak 2 stillllllllllllwada!

Read Gawalek A36. The same plane is used in Air Steelport. The Protagonist phones Viola and tells her he needs to borrow the plane. Since Viola is never stated to own another identical plane, the logical conclusion is that it's the same plane.

The plane does not crashEdit

Rumour: Jonnhy did esape, he flew da plain and crashed it north of the airprot!

You see Philippe in the plane in the cutscene directly afterwards. Obviously the plane is fine.
Additionally, Jane says in the Newscast that no plane wreckage was found. The plane wreckage north of the airport looks nothing like Phillipe's plane.

Giant Plane and crashed plane size comparison

Not the same plane. Different engines, different tail, different size

Viola has no reason to lieEdit

Rumour:Philip lorene waz lieing@@@@22222

Since Viola states that Johnny is dead while she is defecting to the Saints, that seems unlikely.

Viola states that Johnny is dead during Gang Bang

If Phillipe had Johnny held prisoner, Viola would know.

We see his dead body at the end of the gameEdit

Rumour:Butt we still neva saw hiz boddy!

This is his body: Zombie Gat. Since Zombie Lin was canonical in that she was referenced in both sequels, there is no reason not to assume the same about Zombie Gat.
If you don't want to count Zombies, then there's no proof that Lin is dead either. Or Carlos, since The Protagonist shot him off-camera.

Loren HAD his bodyEdit

Edit: This particular point has been added since the release of Saints Row IV, since the "abducted" ret-con introduces additional plot holes.
The body of Mr. Gat will be a message for all who oppose The Syndicate. There is no mercy... only death. Don't mourn your friend. You'll be joining him soon.
— Phillipe Loren, during the end cutscene of I'm Free - Free Falling

At this point, Loren must either have Gat, alive, or had Gat's dead body. If Gat had somehow survived and escaped, then Loren would not have his body, and thus would not say these things, as Gat would soon contact the Saints.

Saints Row IV shows Loren being unconscious at the time of Gat's abduction, meaning that all Loren knew was that "Gat knocked him out, and was gone when he woke up". Loren would have assumed that Gat parachuted out to join the Saints, and thus Loren would not say these things.

The Saints HAVE his bodyEdit

Rumour: The Siants dun have hiz boddy!"

After blowing up the Syndicate Tower, The Protagonist says: "It's time we went back home and buried Johnny."
We also never see Aisha's body, and they had a funeral for her too.

There is no solid evidence that he is aliveEdit

Simply put, all the evidence currently points towards Johnny Gat having been killed during I'm Free - Free Falling, the Saints having his body, and there is no solid evidence supporting him having escaped.

While there is always a chance that the developers could make up a story to explain him surviving - maybe [Dr. Who beamed him up in his Delorean while Sliding through Quantum Leaps] - nothing said or shown in Saints Row: The Third gives any indication that this is the case.

Replace the part in brackets with whatever nonsense you like, like Aliens or something.

Furthermore, the entire premise of the game is that the Saints want revenge on the Syndicate for killing Gat. This doesn't entirely make sense, as there was really no reason for The Protagonist and Shaundi to have abandoned Gat in the first place.
The most likely explanation for the real need to kill Johnny Gat is that Daniel Dae Kim was too expensive to hire for the whole game. But we'll never know that for certain.

  • Johnny Gat is alive in Saints Row.
  • Johnny Gat is alive in Saints Row 2.
  • Johnny Gat is killed in Saints Row: The Third.
  • If you wish for Johnny Gat to be alive, play Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

How to contribute to the wikiEdit

Welcome to the Saints Row Wiki, a place for facts about the Saints Row Series.
Everyone can edit, and every fact about the game is welcome here: from the widely known facts, to minute trivia.
But false information and speculation is not welcome. If you cannot provide evidence, then it doesn't belong here.
If you want to make up rumours about bigfoot, then you have the wrong game, go con some other suckers.

There is plenty to do and there are many ways you can improve the wiki.
New information is always welcome in any article, but here are some specifics if you need ideas:

Lfcmurphy200, 2012-04-15T00:35:32Z (last edited: 452, 2016-03-05T22:27:48Z)

if gat is in SR4 they better not bring him out at the last second like when they killed him in the 2nd mission. That was retarded., 2012-06-04T16:39:43Z
I don't care if Scott Philips killed him or not. Now that a new publisher is leading the franchise, they could bring him back. If so, they need to - Johnny Gat is best character.
He was killed off-screen, so it's easy to write in a way to bring him back. If not that route, they could do something with Tag, maybe as Tag gains more of his memory, over time, he goes from brute back to regular human sized? There are so many things they can do., 2013-01-26T08:58:30Z
1. Volition and Saints Row were bought together, Scott Philips will still be involved.
2. Right now, in-game, he is dead as of Saints Row: The Third. Get over it.
Play Saints Row and Saints Row 2 if you want to see Johnny Gat.
452, 2013-01-26T15:21:15Z
In universe, he could still be brought back. They probably won't do it, but since Johnny Tag exists he could definitly be made into a new Johnny Gat. Image As Designed can pretty much do the impossible. It can turn burly men into women with huge tits. It can can turn the Boss no matter what they look like into an exact replica of Cyrus Temple. What's stopping them from turing Tag into Gat? It's been shown they can change your voice as well so why the fuck not? Besides, it sounds crazy enough to be something the Saints would do. Promotional material for SRIV doesn't show him, I am aware, but maybe they reveal him as a secret character, one can hope? I mean come on, Boss is now President with all the resources that come with the job, you'd think they'd might spend a bit pn bringing back they're oldest friend. A fan can dream, can't he?, 2013-03-23T19:44:54Z
I can see how shrinking TAG down might work, But if Gats Voice actor doesn't want to then they should bother with Gat seeing as without the same voice it would be stupid! But I don't why Daniel wouldn't do it seeing as everyone loves his character most out of the series!, 2013-03-26T03:14:08Z
Maybe Gat did not want to be in the saints anymore and saw this as a way out. Maybe viola went to help him but he told her to go and tell everyone im dead. Maybe he then jumped out of the plane and landed safely. And maybe he is now back in stillwater living out his "retirement" in his peacefull little home in his peacefull little city..., 2013-04-01T15:30:19Z
Stilwater billboard
452, 2013-04-01T15:37:02Z
haha sorry *stilwater*, 2013-04-01T15:40:17Z
I love you johnny gat, 2013-04-06T09:49:41Z
He ain't dead he's to tuff to die, 2013-04-06T09:50:01Z
Regarding Johnny Tag, I don't believe he, or any other DLC character, will be in SRIV, because the developers have stated in the past that they don't want to have any sequel to carry on story threads from DLC because they didn't want to be unfair to people who did not buy the DLC.
452, 2013-04-11T16:18:07Z
I guess we can replace this:
While there is always a chance that the developers could make up a story to explain him surviving - maybe Dr. Who beamed him up in his Delorean while Sliding through Quantum Leaps - they have currently made no indication at all that this is the case.
with this:
While there is always a chance that the developers could make up a story to explain him surviving - maybe Zinyak beamed him up.
452, 2013-07-17T15:09:29Z
I hate it when I'm right about things as ridiculous as this.
452, 2013-08-17T11:40:50Z
I think Gat will be in it because There is no confirmation that he is dead and in the Genkibowl DLC It says that Gat is rumoured to be alive and also The body was not at his funeral and his Zombie could easlily be a clone
Joseph Murray, 2012-05-10T15:42:21Z
"Genkibowl DLC It says that Gat is rumoured to be alive and also The body was not at his funeral"
Is this true? Exactly where is this said? --452 21:31, May 10, 2012 (UTC)
452, 2012-05-10T21:31:30Z
I think it's going to be the clone, I doubt we're that lucky to get the real Gat back, seems we're more likey to have Tag shrunked to normal size, can talk properly and have more of his mermories back, though that would be cooler for the memory recovery to be stage thing, like he's recovering from amnesia than randomly remembers everything from the end of Trouble with Clones to SR4 without explaination. I do hope Danial Dae Kim could reprise the role, it wouldn't seem right with someone else
Xxellenmaysongxx, 2012-05-10T21:00:34Z
I hope gat comes back like when gat died he died in viola's plane and they didn't show the body to your player and gat's body wasn't at the funeral also when the bridge blew up the saints didn't even bother to salvage the body so i belive that johnny is in hiding or mabe has amnesia or something, 2012-06-10T00:56:00Z
the boss shuld mak jimmy the scientist make johnny tag johnny gat in saints row the iv, 2012-06-18T22:25:20Z
in sr4 johhny tag should go to jimmys house and jimmy should trick him in to going in to the machine and when he comes out he punches jimmy right in the face for making him a brute thats what id do or say murder time fun time and kill him, 2012-06-18T22:30:08Z
thats a good idea, 2012-06-18T22:31:12Z
sriiiiiiiper pole boss:yes johnny stripper pole, 2012-06-18T22:32:26Z
ok all i herd was this johnny gat will be in sr4 because he didnt die he he mite be in the hospital he mite have a scar on his head cheak and lower cheak and he mite be gun triger happy, 2012-06-20T02:08:14Z
pray for johnny gat in sr4 i am, 2012-06-20T02:09:57Z
GAT ISN'T DEAD! THERE IS PROOF ok. so look at zombie gat. the wound around his stomach is from philipe stabbing him. he just wants the saints to back down. the plane in the water of steelport is to small to be the same plane. there is a chance he flew to stilwater or an island around it. if he did go back to stilwater, he probably is struggling to fight the zombie invasion there. if you want more info and have ps3 add me at Gor2001 i also do call of duty info on thaught to be dead characters also, 2012-06-24T00:35:31Z
That is not proof.
'there is a chance he flew to stilwater or an island around it."
Phillipe Loren got off the plane alive. He also still has the same plane later in the game. Ergo, Gat did not fly away in the plane.
The very fact that Zombie Gat exists is proof that Johnny Gat is dead.
452, 2012-06-24T01:10:02Z
gat dosnt like haters so if you people are gunna be negative get off the blog and gat was probably unconscious until phillipe got off the plane then he waited and stole the plane, 2012-06-24T01:31:37Z
Well the unconscious thing would be cool, could be true if they wanna play it out that way. BUT him stealing the plane not so much, Not only is it not likely but he could have just left the city on a low profile hense all the circulating rumors...but thats just an opinion..., 2013-04-01T05:32:00Z
Everyone is welcome to post their opinions.
Your opinion is provably wrong. You claim that "Gat stole the plane after Phillipe left" - How do you explain the fact that Phillipe still has the plane later in the game?
452, 2012-06-24T01:42:57Z
OK then he probably got off when everybody was gone he either went to a different city stilwater or stayed in steelport and kept a low profil, 2012-06-24T02:07:33Z
Do you have any proof?
452, 2012-06-24T02:17:52Z
Ok the second plane you get into is not the syndicate and there's always a chance of just this being some fucked up movie so they can go after dex so I think Gats still around, 2012-07-12T03:23:43Z
I and to top it off the body of gat was tied up behind his desk if u watch closely and it's moving so u know u never know, 2012-07-12T03:25:20Z
Guys guys we could always have it be just a dumb ass movie or have jimmy make a time machine so u could save gat think of that, 2012-07-12T19:48:21Z
Since first hearing this bullshit about Gat's body being visible, I've replayed the mission a bunch of times: it's not Gat.
Even a casual glance at that body will show you that it has different clothes and different colour hair, a closer look on a high resolution screen, will show you that the corpse has a ponytail. (A detail I only just noticed today)
I'm not sure who that corpse is supposed to be, but Johnny was wearing a pretty distinctive Gray/Purple Saints jacket - that corpse is not wearing it.
452, 2012-07-12T04:09:28Z
Yeah, I'm with 452: Gat's dead and buried.
That said, I hope the runt trying to clone Gat in the DLC pack actually manages to perfect it and we get a proper Gat-Clone (Not Tag) in the fourth. Because, why not?
RomeoReject, 2012-06-24T02:51:12Z
Do you have any proof? ;)
452, 2012-06-24T02:55:40Z
"The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."
We saw Gat injured, heard him go quiet after gunshots, saw the plane he was in crash to the ground, and perhaps most damning of all, can call on him as a zombie. Gat #1 is gone. Fingers crossed for Gat #2: The Gattening.
RomeoReject, 2012-07-12T07:53:30Z
"saw the plane he was in crash to the ground"
452, 2012-07-12T08:05:20Z
I think RomeoReject is referring to the crashed plane easter egg, but I could be wrong.
Xxellenmaysongxx, 2012-07-12T16:03:53Z
Decompressed, pilotless plane. I had thought we physically saw it crash, but it's been a while since I've done the mission.
Besides that, you're really clutching at straws. The amount of unsupported details needed to believe Gat to be alive are astronomical. As I've said, right off the bat, the fact you can call on "Zombie Gat" should tell you something.
RomeoReject, 2012-07-12T16:36:21Z
" I had thought we physically saw it crash"
The plane doesn't crash until Air Steelport, and Gat's body isn't on board at that time.
edit: The plane doesn't crash then either, my bad.
"Besides that, you're really clutching at straws."
I deal in facts, not straws, and you're the only one posting false information.
"The amount of unsupported details needed to believe Gat to be alive are astronomical."
Your point?
452, 2012-07-13T04:32:47Z
Anyone claiming that Gat is alive should read a new comment I have left on Talk:Johnny_Gat#Death_proof, addressing 5 issues related to Gat's death.
452, 2012-07-26T01:46:44Z
Not Johnny Gat's body in cutscene
452, 2012-07-31T02:19:41Z
The Head Game Designer Scott Philips made it very clear, Johnny is dead. Im not happy about it either but the sooner we get over it the better., 2012-10-05T07:46:46Z
ye but how do you wether hes messing with us or not and beside jason rubin said"Just because we killed him off screen doesnt mean he is dead", 2012-11-25T18:48:28Z
and also look at the last pargraph on this link and see what phillipps said, 2012-11-25T19:03:35Z
@452 I have no proof that hes alive or not but why would they display the proof i mean it would ruin the suspense, If you were the creator of SR wouldnt you want to keep the fans in the dark and anxious to find out if he survivied or not. If they showed proof that would ruin the whole idea of his death. 
Im just sayin, also when he died there was no sad/depressing music it was just like BAM hes gone.. i very much doubt that they would do that to the most popular character in the franchise.
they also most likely killed him off for one game for money issues as  Daniel Dae Kim (Voice of Johnny gat) is an expensive actor, thus killing him off for one game. If SR3 got the funds it needed they could re-hire him for the future games SR games Violition have in stall. and if really need be hire a voice-alike actor., 2013-02-27T03:24:05Z
There is no suspense.
  • The developers have stated that he is dead.
  • The motivation for Shaundi, The Protagonist and the rest of the Saints in SRTT is Gat's death.
    • Additionally, the Saints hold a funeral.
If they showed proof that would ruin the whole idea of his death."
Complete and utter nonsense.
Anyone " anxious to find out if he survivied or not." is simply in denial.
452, 2013-02-27T04:00:32Z
i think its gona be tag, but i hope he'll be smarter, i wana hear gats smart-ass remarks coming outa that giant body lol, 2013-03-17T04:51:05Z
Gat is dead. He's not coming back. It was confirmed. Just because it was a bad send off doesn't mean he's still alive. I think Johnny's death was badly written and utterly disappointing. If they had to kill off the best character in the game, you'd think they'd at least give him something dramatic and harrowing... Not just BAM. He's dead. Let's move on. I was annoyed by the Bosses lack of greif shown, him and Johnny were close. He seemed more upset with Shaundi's death. I've lost faith in SR because of the third game.. The first and second were amazing but now.. It's just a bit of a joke. 
I'm still buying the fourth though :L, 2013-03-23T12:02:35Z
As much as I love the character of Johnny Gat, I do not think that he will be back, I came up with a way he could by having him be in the Dominatrix that the Boss has been hooked up to but even that is streatching it.
Matt Seay, 2013-03-24T00:49:45Z
haha that would be amazing!, 2013-03-26T03:15:21Z
Gat may appear in Saints Row IV, but probably only in the simulation.
What will possibly happen is Gat will still be alive in well, but have no knowledge of the saints.
In an interview with the developers of Saints Row, they said, and I quote/paraphrase,"We want to make the boss feel helpless in a world where the saints didn't exist at all."
David Dooda, 2013-03-26T03:34:01Z
We'll just have to see what happens,plus gat could survive a bullet or two and a stupid plane crash into the sea if not he jumped out but there again they had zombie gat on sr3, 2013-03-29T21:08:18Z
The plane did not crash into the sea.
Viola was aboard the plane where Gat was killed, she made it off the plane alive and confirmed that Gat was dead.
452, 2013-03-29T21:22:12Z
Personally like a lot of other fans would love to see him back, and there is so much that could be done to bring him back. And to address a few things:
1) Zombie Gat does not really count as proof, it could have been put to throw people off, make the fans wonder, or just a fun little fucked up thing to have in the game
2)Many 'rumors about Gats death' thrown into the game like Geinki bowl DLC, they could be giving us a hint...or just useless writing to get our hopes up
3)Johnny Tag/Johnny clone does not prove Gats death, it just proves that some kid was able to clone him
4) If i remeber correctly Loren, Kiki and Viola were on the plane where gat was killed, "Johnny's crashed plane" might not be the plane he crashed
5) Just because he was killed offscreen doesnt mean he is dead, anything could have happened, maybe he escaped.
6) personally if Daniel (Gats voice actor) does not resume doing the voice for such an iconic game character he is missing out on money opprotunities
7) regarding number 6, If the company takes out Gat from the entire series, and i dont mean Zombie or clone Gat, REAL Johnny would not be really smart. Johnny is such and iconic character and is very loved by the fans of the game, taking him out would damage their franchise, they have opprotunities to sell products of the character, brining money to them and more attention to the game in general. me personaly would buy a Johnny Gat figurine than i would a shaundi, or pierce one...hell even the genericly made boss.
8) Also this stirs up a lot of  controversy, the fact that there is no real proof to his death. Okay so you hear shots go off as your speaking to someone, but everyone discards the fact that the intercom could have easily just gotten hit, which it did, and he had escaped. AND the funeral does not mean anything, when people dont have bodies to burry they have a funeral anyway, it is purely out of respect for the loss of that person. AND the picture where Loren is in the chair and there is a body in the back does not prove his death, because upon closer examination you could clearly see it is a female with a hat, and boobs, and it has been confirmed that gat does not have female features such as boobs.
So yeah...these are just my opinions on things that really irked my nerves, so dont make a big fuss. If not obvious i would love to see Gat in SRIV, It would be stupid not to., 2013-04-01T04:47:53Z
"Johnny's crashed plane" might not be the plane he crashed
What "crashed plane"?
5) Just because he was killed offscreen doesnt mean he is dead, anything could have happened, maybe he escaped.
Viola was on the plane. She got off the plane safely, and confirmed that he was dead. Viola had no reason to cover up if he had escaped.
"AND the funeral does not mean anything, when people dont have bodies to burry they have a funeral anyway, it is purely out of respect for the loss of that person."
There was a casket in the hearse.
452, 2013-04-01T07:39:04Z
The crashed plane being that damn easter egg that everyone insists is his...Maybe she never really knew if he was dead or not, kept secret...So? there was a casket. going back to the statement at hand when people dont have a body to bury they have an empty coffin buried instead., 2013-04-01T13:41:18Z
"The crashed plane being that damn easter egg that everyone insists is his"
1. What crashed plane?
2. Where does this wiki say anything about a crashed plane easter egg?
452, 2013-04-01T15:03:57Z
There refering to the crashed plane near the airport which he did not crash because he dident crash a plane for starters
El Ieuan, 2013-04-01T17:25:09Z
The plane north of the airport looks nothing like the Gawalek A36.
  • It is much, much smaller.
  • It has the wrong number of engines.
Giant Plane and crashed plane size comparison
No-one with a pair of working eyes would think that these two are the same plane, therefore this is obviously not what was referring to.
452, 2013-04-01T21:32:52Z
That tiny plane, which is considered an easter egg, is the one being talked about. People claim it to be the plane Gat crashed plane, and the point being made is that it is unlikely because philipe had the plane after 'Gats death', 2013-04-01T23:33:19Z
There is nothing on Easter Eggs about that plane, therefore it is not considered an Easter Egg. It is set dressing, not an Easter Egg
People claim it to be the plane Gat crashed plane
Who? Lfcmurphy200 said nothing about it.
452, 2013-04-02T00:15:36Z
Gat may be in the simulation of Steelport in SR4 and then maybe we will find a way to get him out and back to real life..., 2013-04-01T15:33:06Z
I hope Gat comes back if he dosen't i am never ever play sr1,sr2,sr3,and sr4 if you comment please comment me on facebook. I bet you guys we'll agree with this why the h**l    don't they make the game real like instead of steelport or stillwater make it like Ca,Ma,Usa or and realistic cars like ford ,chevy,honda,bmw,harley,and kenworth,peterbilt,mack,freightliner,sterling,THX, 2013-04-01T19:33:26Z
What is "h**l" supposed to be? I have no idea why the fuck your post was censored, if I were you I would check your computer for viruses.
452, 2013-04-01T21:36:02Z
I loved johnny gat, he was by-far the best saint. (Aside from the protagonist;)) However, people must understand that Johnny Gat was killed to make us feel hatred towards the syndicate, also I hear people saying that they want Gat to turn against the saints. No way, also remember that Gat refused to let the syndicate take the saints franchise, even if it meant his own death, therefore, he would never betray the saints. I will still play saints row 4 even if johnny gat wasn't in it, it would be a disapointment though. I do hope that Gat comes back, but not like what some of you are suggesting that he magically rises from the dead as a super-heroe, out to fight pizzas and what-not. (A little attempt of a joke) Yes, we all love Johnny, and to have him back would be the dream, and if violation inc didn't go bankrupt and sell the saints row franchise, then we might have him back, however, some other company bought saints row franchise, and aim to remove the humour and giant purple dildos, I am upset about this... I am getting a little off topic here, back to the subject, I want Johnny Gat back!!!
R.I.P Johnny- The worlds best saint. Died protecting his best friends., 2013-04-10T04:52:43Z
However, they failed miserably on that part and only made us hate the creators of Saints Row 3. :), 2013-04-10T15:27:03Z
Seriously, it's a blog. Why do you want to delete it, 452?, 2013-04-11T13:15:11Z
Because people keep using these blog comments to post inane wank about Johnny Gat being alive, most of which revolve around things which have been disproved many times.
I've been content to leave the disproved theories here to serve as an example in order to keep them spreading to other parts of the wiki, but people are repeating the same nonsensical ideas over and over, so they're clearly not reading the past comments.
However, it occurs to me that I don't necessarily need to delete this blog to do that, I can simply disable comments.
452, 2013-04-11T15:50:37Z
there is a gat is back trailer, 2013-08-16T17:02:59Z
Yeah. We know.
452, 2013-08-16T17:17:10Z

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