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Johnny Gat rumours

ok so who do you guys think will be in saints row 4 johnny gat or johnny tag will eather be in it or both i hope gats in it but if not shrink tag to human size and make him talk probly if gats vocie actor dose not want to do it get a new voice actor

Janitor's edit: This blog post has been here for a year, but comments have been closed because people are repeating disproven ideas without reading previous comments. Discussion is welcome, repeating the same things while ignoring the evidence is not.

Johnny Gat rumours

There are a number of rumours, I intend to dispel them.

His body is not seen on the plane

Rumour: Jonnhy Gatt's boddy woz on da plain!!!!!1
Not Johnny Gat's body in cutscene

If you think this is Gat, you need your eyes checked.

He did not land the plane

Rumour: Jonnhy culd of landed da plain n gon bak 2 stillllllllllllwada!

Read Gawalek A36. The same plane is used in Air Steelport. The Protagonist phones Viola and tells her he needs to borrow the plane. Since Viola is never stated to own another identical plane, the logical conclusion is that it's the same plane.

The plane does not crash

Rumour: Jonnhy did esape, he flew da plain and crashed it north of the airprot!

You see Philippe in the plane in the cutscene directly afterwards. Obviously the plane is fine.
Additionally, Jane says in the Newscast that no plane wreckage was found. The plane wreckage north of the airport looks nothing like Phillipe's plane.

Giant Plane and crashed plane size comparison

Not the same plane. Different engines, different tail, different size

Viola has no reason to lie

Rumour:Philip lorene waz lieing@@@@22222

Since Viola states that Johnny is dead while she is defecting to the Saints, that seems unlikely.

Viola states that Johnny is dead during Gang Bang

If Phillipe had Johnny held prisoner, Viola would know.

We see his dead body at the end of the game

Rumour:Butt we still neva saw hiz boddy!

This is his body: Zombie Gat. Since Zombie Lin was canonical in that she was referenced in both sequels, there is no reason not to assume the same about Zombie Gat.
If you don't want to count Zombies, then there's no proof that Lin is dead either. Or Carlos, since The Protagonist shot him off-camera.

Loren HAD his body

Edit: This particular point has been added since the release of Saints Row IV, since the "abducted" ret-con introduces additional plot holes.
The body of Mr. Gat will be a message for all who oppose The Syndicate. There is no mercy... only death. Don't mourn your friend. You'll be joining him soon.
— Phillipe Loren, during the end cutscene of I'm Free - Free Falling

At this point, Loren must either have Gat, alive, or had Gat's dead body. If Gat had somehow survived and escaped, then Loren would not have his body, and thus would not say these things, as Gat would soon contact the Saints.

Saints Row IV shows Loren being unconscious at the time of Gat's abduction, meaning that all Loren knew was that "Gat knocked him out, and was gone when he woke up". Loren would have assumed that Gat parachuted out to join the Saints, and thus Loren would not say these things.

The Saints HAVE his body

Rumour: The Siants dun have hiz boddy!"

After blowing up the Syndicate Tower, The Protagonist says: "It's time we went back home and buried Johnny."
We also never see Aisha's body, and they had a funeral for her too.

There is no solid evidence that he is alive

Simply put, all the evidence currently points towards Johnny Gat having been killed during I'm Free - Free Falling, the Saints having his body, and there is no solid evidence supporting him having escaped.

While there is always a chance that the developers could make up a story to explain him surviving - maybe [Dr. Who beamed him up in his Delorean while Sliding through Quantum Leaps] - nothing said or shown in Saints Row: The Third gives any indication that this is the case.

Replace the part in brackets with whatever nonsense you like, like Aliens or something.

Furthermore, the entire premise of the game is that the Saints want revenge on the Syndicate for killing Gat. This doesn't entirely make sense, as there was really no reason for The Protagonist and Shaundi to have abandoned Gat in the first place.
The most likely explanation for the real need to kill Johnny Gat is that Daniel Dae Kim was too expensive to hire for the whole game. But we'll never know that for certain.

  • Johnny Gat is alive in Saints Row.
  • Johnny Gat is alive in Saints Row 2.
  • Johnny Gat is killed in Saints Row: The Third.
  • If you wish for Johnny Gat to be alive, play Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

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