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    Johnny Gat rumours

    April 15, 2012 by Lfcmurphy200

    ok so who do you guys think will be in saints row 4 johnny gat or johnny tag will eather be in it or both i hope gats in it but if not shrink tag to human size and make him talk probly if gats vocie actor dose not want to do it get a new voice actor

    Janitor's edit: This blog post has been here for a year, but comments have been closed because people are repeating disproven ideas without reading previous comments. Discussion is welcome, repeating the same things while ignoring the evidence is not.

    There are a number of rumours, I intend to dispel them.

    Rumour: Jonnhy Gatt's boddy woz on da plain!!!!!1

    Rumour: Jonnhy culd of landed da plain n gon bak 2 stillllllllllllwada!

    Read Gawalek A36. The same plane is used in Air Steelport. The Protagoni…

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