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5 Reasons Why Saints Row 2 Is Better Than Saints Row: The Third

Kha111 August 15, 2012 User blog:Kha111

☼5 Reasons Why Saints Row 2 Was Better Than Saints Row: The Third☼

  1. The type of fighting style- In Saints Row 2, you could pick up news stands, bar stools, chairs, and other items and Saints Row: The Third couldn't do that. At least in Saints Row 2, you didn't have to use giant dildo bats, I mean what type of sh*t is that O___O? Also, pedestrians would fight you back and in Saints Row: The Third, they wouldn't fight you back and they didn't have that much fun weapons, Well, I liked the swords and stuff, but hopefully in Saints Row 4, they can make it like Saints Row 2, but a newer version.
  2. Food Stores: This was something they did not not put in Saints Row: The Third because


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