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'Phat' Homeboys

Has anyone notisced that in Saints Row (and maybe in Saints Row 2, I have not played it yet), all the gangs have fat, teenage, white guys as members? I mean, I understand that the Saints, becuse, like Julius said, there short on members. And the Rollerz too becuse they would let anyone in, as long as they don't betera them and are useful. And the Vice Kings are debateible, But the Carnales? There a LATINO gang. I KNOW that The Medellin Cartel had members that were white, but that's becuse they were useful.

How useful can someone be if they get a Charlie Horse 5 seconds into a foot chase?P.S, I have nothing agenst fat people, It's just these fat people piss me of becuse Douchebags who try so hard to be 'Gangsta' that they inforce black streotypes are morans!

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