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Posted by Kainzorus Prime on 2013-08-25 22:54:22

I'm having a possibly gamebreaking issue with the Keymaster/We have the Technology mission. Basically, at the part where Gat is supposed to take the helicopter and provide support, his super powered version just keeps fighting the enemies over and over. Later on when I'm supposed to follow his crashing chopper, he's not here, and the marker points me to him just swimming by one of the bridges, not doing anything.

Restarting from checkpoint puts us in the area where the chopper is supposed to crash, but otherwise it doesn't trigger anything else. Just waves of enemies over and over. Restarting the entire mission doesn't fix it either.

From what I've seen on youtube, nobody encountered this since they've not had Super Gat by the time of this mission. Any thoughts? --Kainzorus Prime Walkie-talkie 22:54, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Kainzorus Prime, 2013-08-25T22:54:22Z

There are apparently a lot of game-breaking bugs, and different people get different problems.
What platform are you using?
452, 2013-08-25T22:57:13Z
I'm on the PC.
Its rather frustrating, since otherwise I've done a 100% completion run, and having to redo all of it simply because of this sort of piss-poor programing is just sad.
Kainzorus Prime, 2013-08-25T23:05:12Z
One thing I just thought of: try changing the difficulty level.
Another idea: Go replay an activity, and make a new save afterwards.
I assume you've tried just playing the mission slightly differently? Taking different routes and such?
452, 2013-08-25T23:14:27Z
Yes, I did.
I'll try out your suggestions and see if it works.
Edit: Nope, it just ain't doing it.
Kainzorus Prime, 2013-08-25T23:28:05Z
So, I've just played through from a brand new save and purposefuly avoided super powering Gat. Still the same thing, he just stands in the armory like a lemon.
Edit: It seems the extended color palette for clothing and vehicles mod was causing this bug, and it resolved itself after I removed it. Which is rather strange, since SR3 version worked without a hitch. Anyway, thread can be closed.
Kainzorus Prime, 2013-08-28T20:11:00Z
Glad to hear you resolved it, I even didn't think to ask if you were using any mods.
452, 2013-08-28T20:56:25Z
Well, to be fair I didn't think a cosmetic mod would interfere with a particular mission script. Especially since all others up to this point played out without a hitch.
Kainzorus Prime, 2013-08-28T20:58:33Z
Okay so, this problem is now happening to me, if anyone could help that would be great.
Destiny0627, 2015-08-15T13:48:37Z
Are you using mods?
452, 2015-08-15T14:47:51Z
No, I'm not using any mods. I've played the game for about 36 hours with my best friend, and we've tried this over and over again, and there's no progress being made.
Destiny0627, 2015-08-15T23:01:30Z
Ah, damn, the cause of Kainzorus Prime's problem was mods, so apparently it can happen either way. Is your friend using mods?
  • Have you tried playing this mission in single player?
  • Do you have any patches installed?
    • Have you tried uninstalling them?
    • or, have you tried installing any available patches?
  • Is your problem identical to Kainzorus Prime's?
452, 2015-08-15T23:09:02Z
No patches, and no, we haven't 
Edit: It worked when I tried it on Singleplayer. Thank you!
Destiny0627, 2015-08-15T23:25:57Z (last edited: Destiny0627, 2015-08-16T14:48:45Z)

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