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Posted by JoePlay on 2011-03-03 20:38:02

The April issue of Game Informer magazine will feature "ten pages of information about Saints Row: The Third, including all the details on the new city and the shady Syndicate crime ring that controls it," and will also be featured on the cover.

Source: Game Informer

Saints Row The Third Game Informer cover

Game Informer cover with plane

JoePlay, 2011-03-03T20:38:02Z (last edited: 452, 2016-04-08T04:31:50Z)

hey, whats that nifty smg hes holding in the first pic? looks like an M16-UZI mix, 2011-03-04T01:05:03Z
Wow, this looks fucking amazing. I saw the second pic before but the first one ias awesome!
Spedster777, 2011-03-04T01:28:31Z
cant wait till this comes out, 2011-03-04T15:53:55Z
fuck yeah cant wait
Shibby69, 2011-03-05T03:57:38Z
Ho lee shit, 2011-03-08T17:41:16Z
rhr, 2011-03-08T19:39:46Z
Is that Gat on the bottom?, 2011-03-09T00:38:28Z
Apparently asian, frosted hair tips, sunglasses, purple dress shirt... It's Gat. I wonder what horrible injury he'll pick up this time., 2011-03-26T19:05:59Z
Enemies get to use Parachutes now., 2011-03-09T00:45:41Z
Random epic piece of money top pic bottom left corner, 2011-03-09T00:46:24Z
I read it, it said Phillipe Loren is the bad guy., 2011-03-09T00:50:08Z
Hell yeah brotha, he looks F'in PIMP!!!, 2011-03-20T17:07:02Z
According to the article, the game intro alone is fucking insane.
Also, Phillipe Loren is indeed the bad guy/ He's Belgian, which means, waffle jokes., 2011-03-26T19:06:46Z
which means, waffle jokes.
Hey, you were right!
452, 2014-05-22T16:40:55Z
where you get those shoes
Iloveanimedude, 2011-04-06T01:48:44Z
somethig tells me Gats gonna die in this game., 2011-04-30T03:17:14Z
yeah i pretty sure this time Gat IS going to die
Bcastillo, 2011-05-02T00:41:54Z
I highly doubt gat will die.
Vladers3, 2011-08-21T19:47:24Z

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