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Posted by Humbra on 2009-11-08 02:01:31

The Row Community forum moderator Jay "V-Singular" Goldberg has revealed that Volition will be unveiling some big Saints Row-related news on Monday, 9 November 2009. The moderator advises fans to check the official community home page on Monday, to be the first to hear the announcement.

The "big news" will come nearly thirteen months after Saints Row 2's release date, back in October 2008. Since last October, various news sites and indeed a Volition official, have been quoted as saying that Saints Row 3 is in development. However, the aforementioned moderator disregarded these rumours in a statement from March this year, located here, stating that "Saints Row 3 is not a confirmed game at this time, it was only referred to in an interview as being in pre-production. Unless the game makes it out of that phase, then it does not wholly exist, which is why we are keeping our focus on SR1 and SR2 now. If SR3 becomes an actual game, we will then announce it here, and open up a section specifically for suggestions/ideas from the community."

Also take note that many of Saints Row 2's fans met the downloadable content packages from this year badly, and a possible fourth DLC pack shouldn't be completely ruled out. Also note that Swedish metal band Opeth announced earlier this year that their music would feature in a PlayStation Portable port of the game, without any official confirmation from officials.

Interpret this however you want it; we could be finally getting some official news on Saints Row 3, especially seeing as game companies always have projects under development at their studios. Speaking about Red Faction: Guerrilla in an interview with Kotaku, Volition employee Sean Kennedy was asked about Saints Row 3. Rather than giving a straight answer, he simply stated that "While we have other unannounced projects in development, I cannot comment on rumours as to what those projects might be".

Try not to get your hopes up too much, though. A first look at Saints Row 3 seems likely, but not completely inevitable. Read the forum moderator's statement here.

On Monday however, it was revealed the 'big' news was just a price discount of the Xbox Live Marketplace version of Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed.

Humbra - 2009-11-08 02:01:31

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