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Posted by Golden tec9 on 2013-08-14 12:23:10

Star saints

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Link Summary It's got some great screenshots and amazing new info. Some of this will actually put a tear in your eye. Also, new enemy type in the form of some Portal-esque spider turret :D
gameinformer Apparently cars because rather obsolete with super powers.
Maka91Productions Reviews, as well as some Easter Eggs
Joystiq 100/100
"Every single thing in Saints Row 4 is worth doing, which is a huge accomplishment on its own, but its story missions in particular are inventive, hilariously unexpected examples of truly inspired game design. I was worried that Saints Row 4 would never be able to live up to Saints Row: The Third, that its status as an expansion-turned-full-game would translate to a sloppy experience built on filler and same-y gameplay. Thankfully, Volition's skill for building a living world, lovable characters and ingenious gameplay is as sharply honed as ever."
Destructoid 95/100
"Saints Row IV is, from start to finish, a pleasure. It's a pure pleasure to play. I was cynical, given my feeling let down by The Third, but Volition has worked hard to address almost everything wrong with its last outing, and provide something that delivers over and above expectations. What I love most about IV is how it puts the player first -- absolutely every new feature and ability gifted to the player seems designed purely to make the game more convenient to enjoy, and more fun to play."
PC Gamer 90/100
"Saints Row was born of Grand Theft Auto, but although both feature open cities and freeform violence, they've diverged. Grand Theft Auto is desperate to be a film, to be satire, to be an experience. Saints Row IV wants to be a game, and by showing its heartfelt love for the medium, it's become something wonderful."
GamesRadar 8/10
"Long after you've completed the main story, you'll still be eager to hop back into the Steelport simulation if only to run a few more laps around its city blocks, destroying everything in your path. With a bit more focus and substance, Saints Row IV could've been a must-play game for the open-world crowd. Still, it's wholly entertaining, caveats be damned, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a game that does superpowers better--you'll just wish the rest of the game was as incredible as the act of running around inside of it."
Edge 8/10
"With this game Volition has at last cast off the dumb puerility and blithe misogyny that have long blighted this series, and as we let loose a fully charged super-jump from Steelport's highest point, gliding to an objective that's almost three kilometres away, the whistling wind jostling with Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do It for prominence in our ears, we can't help but feel this is the game Volition has always wanted to make. One thing's for sure: it's the one we've been waiting to play."
IGN 6/10
"With its recycled map and wildly overpowered abilities, playing Saints Row IV feels like a lot like enabling god-like cheat codes in Saints Row The Third and going nuts. Its ridiculous story, goofy characters, self-aware humor, and amazing character editor make it all work, especially for those of us who've played the previous games and can appreciate its in-jokes. But its appeal is shortened by the ludicrous speed at which we can zip across it and grow tired of its lack of challenge."
[Angry Joe

Golden tec9, 2013-08-14T12:23:10Z (last edited: 452, 2014-04-02T23:29:55Z)

This guy has some good videos:
Reviews, as well as some Easter Eggs
452, 2013-08-14T18:38:22Z
Hmmm. 118,839 people viewed the wiki today, but I guess no-one cares about reviews.
This was originally posted on my wall, I moved it to a blog post because I assumed that people would want to share reviews. Apparently I was wrong.
Any experiment which gives you a result is a success!
452, 2013-08-15T01:56:29Z (last edited: 452, 2013-08-17T16:13:46Z)
It's been a full month and there's absolutely no interest in this, so I'm calling the experiment to a close, and removing it from the "Game News" category.
452, 2013-09-27T18:08:52Z . Apparently cars because rather obsolete with super powers.
Lombus, 2013-08-16T10:05:50Z
Ftwrthtx, 2013-08-17T07:28:54Z
I've updated the list with this review, but you forgot to give a description.
Does it reveal any info that wasn't already known?
452, 2013-08-17T18:03:47Z
No new info but I also did a special weapons post with them fully upgraded and in avction at, 2013-08-17T20:54:19Z A hilarious review of SR4 by Joe Vargas (aka Angry Joe)
-The Gray Wolf-, 2013-08-21T20:11:18Z

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