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Posted by FiTz iZ SicK on 2010-07-14 18:03:26

Hey guys I am extremely tired of getting games of the same old thing. Just the other day I had a game where it was 5v4, I had the four of course. And it was me, a Soldier, and 3 New Jacks. On the other team, there were 2 King of Kingpins, a Kingpin, a Saint Picasso and a Arr... . I am tired of that. I am a Soldier that specializes in Strong Arm in the map: Oldtown. I pretty much memorized the tag locations, and when it is up, my first priority is Stealth Tag. I always go for the RPG at the beginning even if i'm on the other side. I am fairly good with it also. I got a quad-kill yesterday because 2 went into a car and 2 were beside it and I fired on them. I know all 3 RPG spawns, I zigzag, I kill quick by T3K'ing, then pressing B to Tombstone. In races, I go for Money prompts, as well as race. in Mayhem, I use Pipe Bombs FIRST. Then T3Ks. In snatch, I sit at the Brothel and wait for the other team, steal their ho, and turn her in. In Fraud, I get money any way I can. So pretty much I am a pretty lethal weapon when I HAVE A GOOD TEAM. I suck when I'm with New Jacks. (Don't we all...) By the way, if it matters any, I'm 13.

I am currently looking for 3 people to start a group with. The requirements for this team must be first and foremost be a teenager. I hate super high voices, as it throws off my gameplay as I yell at them to be quiet. You must be in the "Gold" category. That means you have to be a soldier or better. (New Jacks, Thugs, Killas, and Gangstas need not apply.) I really don't give a damn what skill badge you have, only rank badges. You must know where at least the 2 permanent RPG spawns are in Oldtown because that is where I default the map to. You must zigzag to kill. NOT meaning you have to zigzag every kill, just don't be a dumb@$$ and stand and shoot. RPG whores are accepted, even supported, because it gives me less work for worrying about the opponents have it. You must participate in 5/7 activities. UNLESS your job is going for the tags such as CASH, STEALTH, AND SMOKESCREEN.

I am pretty much playing all the time 6/7 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays not playing much. My XBL GT is GuNNz A BLazZin. So, if you meet these requirements send me a message to play regularly. Meaning, not every other week. Thanks and maybe with this team we can tell New Jacks to practice more......

FiTz iZ SicK - 2010-07-14 18:03:26

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