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Posted by Eli the saint on 2011-10-16 05:15:00

In a review from ign a member of the company that makes saints row anwsered a question saying quote on quoye "does its have multi-player"ign PERSON "Yes" game maker person "what kind" ign person " co-op local and online xboxlive and play station network" game worker guy

Type your thought about it i think it would rock i could finnaly pwn my little bro

Eli the saint, 2011-10-16T05:15:00Z

I certainly hope this is true.
452, 2011-10-16T08:18:20Z
yeah that would be awesome!, 2011-10-16T09:41:10Z
On their Twitter they've stated a few times that it's only system link and online, but this would definitely make a nice surprise if true.
I want to believe.
Moozipan Cheese, 2011-10-16T13:38:14Z
This was on the forums a while ago, but I think they confirmed there wouldn't be split-screen due to technical limitations
Shadowcat270, 2011-10-17T04:38:33Z
will somebody please buy me an xbox 360 and saints row the third, 2011-10-18T13:26:02Z
Hey thatnk for SAINT'S ROW THE THIRD avatars there awesome also if the development team looks at this page for DLC can you put on more music for SR3. On saints row 2 there wasnt that many good songs or if you have put more songs on thank you. SAINT'S ROW RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 2011-10-27T11:33:07Z
This is a wiki, not an official website. You should voice your requests on the official Saints Row forums.
Moozipan Cheese, 2011-10-27T12:39:18Z
The game has been released for almost a day, does anybody finally know about this?? (split-screen), 2011-11-16T22:06:56Z
can you play split screen on campaign?, 2011-11-22T16:48:37Z
Love playin 2 player co-op wiht ma bro, 2011-12-29T15:54:50Z
its nt i have the game no split screen guys but guess shaudi dies and johnny gat, 2012-01-10T12:49:16Z
Lol it wont have split screen, and to the above post, it is fully optional if Shaundi dies. She does not officially die, as the REAL ending is the gangsters in space ending, as the upcoming winter 2012 gangsters in space DLC proves it.
Ccrogers15, 2012-01-10T15:06:26Z
Unfortunately, this game doesn't have split screen co-op however it does have the online co-op like saints row 2; of course you will now need an online pass to play with friends., 2012-04-28T18:45:42Z
By local they mean system link, 2012-06-26T20:05:10Z
There should be split screen that would be so much better plus the game would 100000000000 times awsome, 2012-09-13T02:24:38Z
What's with the Microsoft points we are going to spend more on them then the game sorry to hate, 2012-09-13T02:28:51Z
Sorry about hating but thanks to the creators of sr1 2 and 3 they are amazing very fun 5 stars tops no or deals, 2012-09-13T02:32:08Z
It would be awesome 2 player split screen 2 ultimate bad ass's together holy s@!$&!$@& your cool just for saying that, 2012-09-13T02:36:49Z
If you could that be amazing, 2012-09-13T02:39:08Z
My brother is always asking if I could try to find a way to put it on split screen but I cant and I keep telling him that if you could please put up an easy way to play split screen reply back if u can't sorry, 2012-09-13T02:43:41Z
Got that right, 2012-09-13T02:44:45Z
no, 2013-04-04T13:56:22Z
They HAVE to make local co-op!!! I want to battle my friend so bad but he doesn't have an xbox. He comes over all the time and we lay single player but multiplayer would be awesome, 2013-10-25T00:22:06Z

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