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  • DokEnkephalin

    The Finish

    September 4, 2014 by DokEnkephalin

    Spoilers ahead! This is all about the plot.

    I finally reached the ending, and I was a little disappointed. I expected grand revelations, the villain's master plan and a dose of mindscrew -- like during Matt's rescue, but more. The Boss' line after getting the Iron Saint armor, "It feels like this is what I've been training for!" supports my speculation about what was really going on.

    I find it hard to believe they were able to take advantage of oversights for so long, that they really got under the nose of a galactic conquerer, that they were cheating him at his own game rather than playing it by its design.

    I suspected Kinzie had been compromised early on. First, she brushed aside questions that she should be seeking answers for. Then I over…

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  • DokEnkephalin

    strange signage

    September 3, 2014 by DokEnkephalin

    We WI* & Loyl

    JH FA stop[

    This is on a sign near Keith's rally toward the end of the game. Is this just indicative of a glitch in the matrix, or does it have some esoteric meaning that escapes me?

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