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Posted by David Dooda on 2013-03-26 03:31:40

So, as many people know, Saints Row IV is releasing on August 20th.

Two questions have been bothering me.

I'm going to discuss the first one here:


We all used them at one point. I've always loved the wild cheats in the Saints Row Franchise.

From Evil Cars to Zombies, this game has it all.

The question that's been bugging me, is very simple: Will cheats be included in SR4?

Seeing as you'll already have superpowers that will allow you to do basically anything, I'm curious as to whether or not cheats shall be included. And if so, which ones?

Leave your input in the comments below.

Until next time.

I'm new to the Wiki, and this is my first blog. Please no hate, and try to keep it clean down there.

David Dooda, 2013-03-26T03:31:40Z

We don't know. It is likely, since all previous games have.
When the game is released, any cheats will be added to this page: Cheats in Saints Row IV
452, 2013-06-02T15:28:09Z

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